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    Girl with white lace top and blue shorts

    I didn't see a thread for this one yet, Mod's if there is, please merge for me. Bringing this one over from the original thread.



    I think this girl looks similar in features to Butler, although I think Butler's picture is a bit younger. Too bad the UID doesn't have her eyes open. Can't tell what color they are, but their noses and chins look right to me.

    the links should work again now.
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    Yes, I think those two look a lot a like. Does the timeline work?

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    It would be two days after Charlotte Lamb, but he was out.

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    the noses look a lot alike

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    The Alcala photo does look like an older version of Butler.
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    Here you have them side by side: Alcala photo and Sandra Kaye Butler
    This is just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohabi View Post
    Here you have them side by side: Alcala photo and Sandra Kaye Butler
    I would be inclined to say no, on the basis of the angle of their foreheads looking quite different. However, if more pictures of Sandra or the blue shorts girl are available they might be worth another look to see if this is just due to photo angles.

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