updated 3/30/2010
new info:
In March 2010, a second DNA match for Kyle was discovered in the online database of the [ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorenson_Molecular_Genealogy_Foundation"]Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation[/ame] website [10] with a Davidson. Because the Sorenson organization does not release information on living people, it was not possible to identify the sample donor. The pedigree attached to the DNA results only revealed that the donor had been the grandson of Robert Holden Davidson b 1885 Logan Utah, d. 1946 Chico, CA. This Davidson had a very different haplotype from the members of the Davidson DNA surname study[17]. The fact that Kyle has several lukewarm matches to Powells, with a single strong match to a Davison, seems to indicate the presence of a nonpaternity event in the male line of his family, that is, an adoption, a name change, or an illegitimacy. It is surmised that his legal name might be Davidson, but that genetically he is a Powell.