I first caught wind of this case in 2007 when the excellent Christine2448 brought it to the attention of her LTWH sleuthers. There were a core group that jumped in with both feet, spending hours and hours of time combing the missing files, writing letters of support, trying to garner media attention, pouring over each and every word spoken by Nurse Betty and BK that might give us a clue....People came and went, interest waxed and waned as time went on, but some of us continued to chip away determined to help Mr. Kyle find the way home.

It is my turn to leave this case behind-I have learned quite a bit from all of you, from the law enforcement that I have been privileged to work with and certainly from Mr. Kyle. I am awestruck by the big heartedness of the sleuthers who have worked so hard here-you are a dedicated and giving bunch.

I am going to turn over the administration of the threads while they remain open to Adnoid for now-I encourage all of you to reach out to other cases on WS that can use the same dedication that you have shown here...The Rodney Acala threads are aching for some help, Princess Blue, Gabriel Johnson, West Memphis Three, Giovanni Gonzalez...to name just a few.

See you around the boards!!!