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    Change of plans for April 10 ground search

    Examiner.com article: Susan Cox Powell Update: Change of plans for April 10 ground search (Slideshow)

    April 2, 2010 - Search organizers have issued a press release this evening (see below for official press release) and have passed the torch to a group of professional search teams who are now in charge of the Susan Cox Powell April 10 ground search at Simpson Springs in Utah's West Desert.... Click here for complete article.

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    Has more and detailed info been passed onto these professionals as to specific areas to search? I just find it hard to believe that they don't want or need volunteers?
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    Search for Susan Powell closed to the public

    CACHE COUNTY -- A search for Susan Cox Powell set for Saturday, April 10th, has been closed to the public.
    Scores of volunteers had planned to join in on the search of the Simpson Springs area where Susan's husband Josh said he took the children the night she disappeared in December of last year.
    Several law enforcement agencies thought amateur searchers could get lost, fall down a mine shaft or destroy evidence.

    The search will now be conducted by trained professionals.
    Powell's friends and relatives say they appreciate the support but now agree experts will do a better job.
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    As per my comments to this article in the Examiner, it was legal matters.. I kept wondering why the infor for the waivers was not coming forward as the time was getting closer and the objection was getting more media coverage.

    I don't know what the outcome will be for future searches.

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    Why the great deal of concern for "liability" in the Susan Powell's case, but not in the Hacking or Smart cases, in the same area, where thousands of volunteers were utilized to search? The fear for "destruction of evidence" is also a crock. Is it better to leave the evidence undiscovered, where it is being destroyed every single day by the elements, where it will not provide the necessary tools for prosecution left undiscovered??

    I am very happy that the search will go on. It's about time! At the same time I am very disappointed that the organizers are giving excuses for uninviting volunteers. They have known from the beginning how West Valley Police and the Tooele Co. Sheriff's Dept felt about the hazards, yet these reasons are now cited as the reasons for their actions? If the actual reason is that the family did not approve, why not simply say so?

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    I cannot believe the continued delays in searching for Susan!!! UNBELIEVABLE

    OK, Let the "proffessionals" take the rough terrain.

    Why can't volunteers look in other areas since it's such a HUGE area.

    There have been far too many delays in "active" searching for Susan.

    Personally, why can't some volunteers be focused on all the deep wells in the area? People can lower video camera's to see whats down there.
    Since a torch may very well have been used to secure a well lid...why aren't more people focused on opening some newer "welds"?
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    I see this as a trend that's likely to continue. It's not like those searches found the victim in either the Hacking or Smart cases There is a downside to volunteer searches that nobody talks about because it's not PC. If people want to help in the future, they might see about joining a search and rescue team and getting the needed training.

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    The terrain is not the same as with the Hacking or Smart cases. With Mark Hacking - people were looking on a jogging trail, the place Mark said Lori was last at. People walk/jog there all the time and it is not a dangerous place to be searching. (once the police knew it was the landfill - no civilians were used in the search at the landfill)

    With the Smart case, the first day they were looking around the foothills (where people typically hiked) near the house, but after that, they were asking people to look in their neighborhoods.

    If the police believe Susan is in a mine shaft - well that is some place you do not want untrained, unprepared people to be searching. The last thing the police would want is to have emergency workers out trying to rescue civilians who are lost, hurt or died trying to get down into a mine.

    Some of those mines have been sealed off because of toxicity. I'm sure if the professionals are searching sealed mines - they are using special hazard suits or equipment to protect the searcher.
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    Alternative to ground search; response to ground search closed to the public

    Click here for an alternative to the April 10 ground search.

    Click here for public's response to closing ground search to public.

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    Here is a real alternative plan. Simple things police who want to find a missing girl in Greeley CO have put out.

    # Check and look along road sides, back roads, fields, dump areas that you may know about in the county or in the towns or areas you drive to or live near. These may be areas that you routinely drive, walk, run, jog, etc. Check any ditches or areas that are typically hard to see when driving by at high speeds. Other potential areas to check are under bridges, in abandoned barns or structures that are not normally occupied, abandoned vehicles, etc.

    # If you notice a suspicious odor in an area, or see activities in or around abandoned homes or property; if you happen to see circling birds or gathering predators, like coyotes in or around an area, check it out to see if it is safe, or contact the local law enforcement agency near you to have it checked out.

    # If you own property that is not currently occupied, check it out to make sure it is still secure and that everything inside is in order and as you expect it to be. If you know your neighbor is not home and you have permission to go on their property, check for any broken windows, doors, or suspicious activity or things that may appear out of place to you.

    # If you live in a rural area and know your neighbors are gone for extended periods of time, drive by those areas and make note of any unusual cars, vehicles or things that appear out of place and are not consistent with what you are familiar with.

    # If you live near an empty home or building, watch for any suspicious activity or unusual people or vehicles in or around the structure that are not normally there.

    # Do NOT go in any buildings or homes that you do not own or trespass on private property, to search any areas.

    # If you see or suspect anything suspicious, do not attempt to pick it up, touch it or contaminate the immediate surrounding areas. If you leave the area before authorities arrive try to leave the same way you came in so other potential items are not disturbed or contaminated.

    # If a suspicious incident is in progress and you are concerned for public safety always call 911.


    This kind of thing should have been done from day ONE.
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    I so agree Dr. Fessel. It should still be done. This LE is on the ball.

    I'm beginning to think the idea of her just missing may have some credibility...the friends and family have stated from the begining they think she is still alive...WHY? Do they believe she is still around WVC and someone will see her there? They thought someone took her out of state...then why the flyers in just WVC? A stalker? Do they think she will walk in a local 7-11 like Elizabeth Smart and be found? I could think of many things they could do to support an actual search for her.

    They certainly aren't pepetuating anything similar to a physical search.
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