I have updated some of my web site pages for your viewing and listening pleasures. :-)

These audio files are worth listening to and please do download them and save them for yourselves. :-)

THE SHAPIRO AUDIO FILES (27 Audio files in .MP3)

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I have completed this page with 384 screen captures from this show. This is when Jeff Shapiro first released the audio tape files that he recorded in secret of his bosses at the Globe and it also is when Susan Bennett got her 3 minutes of fame at the end of the show.

By the way, there is a NEW pic of Jeff on the web site. :-)

CBS 48Hours 'Justice for JonBenet Ramsey? April 8, 1999
(384 screen captures)

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I have completed this page with 269 screen captures from Michael Tracy's Court TV shows of Lou Smit's intruder theory. Lots of good pics of the that narrow window grate with Lou Smit climbing in it.

Court TV "A Second Look" May 11, 2003
(269 screen captures)

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For those of you who wish to venture into J.T. Colfax side
show on the Ramsey case, I also did some 'clean up' work on his web site and fixed some of the broken links. :-)


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