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    MO - Shane Childers & three others for child trafficking, Kansas City, 2009

    Filly--Do we have a military section or is this a subsection of Disney or Professional Helpers? Anyway, I think we missed four--actually three!! I searched and I don't see a thread on these slimeballs. Each thought it would be fun to hook up with an 11 year old prostitute (not) and paid extra for going "bareback". The sting occurred last spring and the sentencing late last October. Please merge or delete if this has been covered.


    "This conviction is the result of Operation Guardian Angel, a unique undercover law enforcement investigation targeting the demand for child prostitutes in the Kansas City metro area. As a result of this investigation, a total of seven defendants were indicted in the nation’s first-ever federal prosecution of the alleged customers of child prostitution under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act....."


    "...Childers, an active duty naval recruiter at the time of the offense, responded to an online ad, using a government-owned computer at the Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Lenexa, Kan., his Navy e-mail address and his government-issued cell phone to arrange the transaction. Childers was wearing his Navy uniform, but had taken off his uniform shirt and was wearing a white undershirt when he knocked on the door of the undercover residence. Childers paid an undercover law enforcement officer $60 to have sex with an 11-year-old girl. He also paid an extra $20 to have intercourse without using a condom...."

    more at link

    Another resource:


    "During the operation, task force officers placed Internet ads for underage prostitutes. According to court documents, the ads -- some of which were posted on Craigslist -- clearly stated that the prostitutes were "little girls" and were "young."


    "Shane Allan Childers, 32, of Overland Park, Kan., Christopher M. Cockrell, 33, of Armory, Miss., Steven C. Albers, 40, of Kansas City, Mo., and Richard J. Oflyng, 31, of Ottowa, Kan., were each charged with the attempted commercial sex trafficking of a child and with using the Internet and telephone to attempt to induce a child to engage in prostitution....."

    more at link

    And another:


    "“While the pimps who offer to sell children to others for prostitution have been prosecuted in the Western District and elsewhere, these indictments are the first in the nation to charge a ‘John’ with attempting to pay for sex with a child,” the U.S. attorney’s office in Kansas City said in a news release.

    According to court documents, Childers admitted that he had used the services of prostitutes seven to eight times per year since a trip to Hong Kong in 1998, and that he usually looks on the Internet to find the girls...."

    more at link

    and another:


    "Childers lists "family" among his interests. He also drops the ages of his children -- 10, 7, 5 and 3 -- and posts photos of himself and a woman under the title "love of my life."

    Concerning the others (auto finance manager, insurance manager, and a truck driver) arrested:




    All have been sentenced. Way to go KC FBI!!!!!!!

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    It completely horrifies me that there appears to be so many men who want to have sex with little children. I don't understand what forms such a warped mind. Thank goodness this was a set-up and not a real child being abused. The courts need to get much more stringent on the sentences for these men. They usually get just a slap on the wrist and continue on with their illicit activities. If more of them were jailed the first time they are caught, it would certainly lessen the number of children being accosted IMO.
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