104 Cats Allegedly Seized From Cat-Lady's Home

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    Authorities: Woman Kept Cats For Profit

    Officials served a search warrant on 27-year-old Windy Johnston's home in the 100 block of North Euclid Street and allegedly found the animals living in filthy conditions, RTV6's Ericka Flye reported.

    Investigators first went to the home last year after receiving a complaint, but found 37 healthy cats with the proper identification and vaccinations. But last week, officials said the walls and floors in the home were covered with feces and urine.

    "(We found) feces with mold on it. It's been there so long it's turning moldy," Animal Care and Control spokeswoman Margie Smith Simmons said.

    Officials said many of the cats were in poor health. They were all seized and the ones that can be saved are being nursed back to health, Flye reported.

    Officials believe Johnson was planning to sell the cats.

    "We found some information on the Internet where she is listing Turkish Vans for sale, which is a type of cat," Simmons said.

    Johnson was ticketed and told to vacate the house. She faces numerous charges in connection with the case.

    Story from the Indy Channel
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