13 American Soldiers killed in Afghanistan

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    Thirteen US troops have been killed after a Taliban suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into an armoured Nato vehicle in Afghanistan.
    It was the deadliest single ground attack on coalition forces in the 10-year-long war.

    Three Afghan civilians and one policeman also died in the assault on a Nato convoy in capital city Kabul.

    Two Nato helicopters land on site after the attack

    An explosion, which happened as the vehicles were passing the American University, caused a fireball.

    Heavy black smoke poured from burning wreckage at the site and the street was littered with shrapnel.

    The armoured personnel carrier, known as a Rhino, was travelling between a convoy of mine-resistant military vehicles on a road often used by Nato forces in the southwestern part of the city.

    Cont http://news.sky.com/home/world-news/article/16099058
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