13 babies (all girls!) 13 hours, 1 hospital

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    Things just kept coming up pink in the nursery at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights.

    During a 13-hour span Tuesday and Wednesday, 13 babies were born, all girls.

    "It must be some kind of record," said Diane O'Sullivan, Mother/Baby Unit clinical coordinator. "I've never seen anything like it."

    Every bassinet in the newborn nursery held a bundle of joy wearing a pink knitted cap made by a hospital volunteer.

    Obstetrician Randy Kahan, who practices with WomanCare in Arlington Heights, just scratched his head. He delivered seven of the girls Tuesday and then on Wednesday delivered four more, including a set of twins.

    "When you're in a streak like that, it's fun and exciting," Kahan said.

    It all began just after midnight Tuesday with the birth of Hannah Maser. She is the first child for Joe and Tiffany Maser of Palatine, who had no idea what they were starting.

    "I'm exhausted but just glad she's here," Tiffany Maser said. "She was a week late."

    Expectant mothers kept coming in, and labor and delivery nurses had their hands full. Later on Tuesday morning they even asked Jennifer Muldoon of Palatine if she could come back the next day to be induced.

    It was too late. Muldoon already was in labor. Her daughter, Tara Lee, arrived shortly after 10 a.m.

    Mary Lopez of Mount Prospect came in around the same time as Muldoon. She delivered another girl, Brideen Elizabeth, 20 minutes after the Muldoon baby.

    "I knew they were busy but I had no idea it was all girls," said Lopez, whose new baby girl is her third child and second girl. "The nurses did an amazing job. They should get some kind of award."

    Kerry Sivertsen of Crystal Lake was among the parade of moms at Northwest Community, but she is also involved in another streak of sorts. She is one of 13 pregnant teachers at Cotton Creek School in Island Lake -- and the 12th to deliver -- this school year.

    She named her new daughter Rahan Zoe, after her doctor, Randy Kahan.

    "I've known him for years," Sivertsen said. "He's a good doctor."

    The last baby was Sophia Grundmann of Arlington Heights, who came shortly after noon Wednesday. She is the second child for Mark Grundmann and Becky O'Hare, who were delighted to have a girl.

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