150 domain names shut down in probe of counterfeit goods

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    150 domain names shut down in probe of counterfeit goods
    By Terry Frieden, CNN Justice Producer
    updated 2:29 PM EST, Mon November 28, 2011 |

    Washington (CNN) -- U.S. officials used Cyber Monday to announce court orders shutting down 150 domain names of commercial websites they say were selling "many millions" of dollars worth of counterfeit goods.

    Sports jerseys and uniforms, DVDs, shoes and handbags, golf sets and exercise equipment were among the more popular purchases of "knock off" versions of name brand products, officials said....


    This is also from the article;

    ...Beyond clothing and electronic knock-offs, he said, officials are especially worried about the threat to safety and health when counterfeit goods involve such things as air bags, drugs, car batteries and engine parts....


    Unfortunately, I dated a real airbag once. :crazy:

    I wish I had gotten a knock off instead. :banghead:
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