2,000 miles and 49 foodless days later, Australian cat found safe

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    When the people next door to Rebecca Schilling in Darwin hired a container to ship their belongings the 3,500 km (2,000 miles) to Brisbane, she didn't think much about it.

    She did 49 days later though, when they opened it and phoned Rebecca to tell her they'd found her missing cat, Pippa, inside.

    No-one is quite sure how Pippa managed to survive the long, hot journey without food or water for so long, and she was in a very bad way. She's now recovering at an animal welfare home. Rebecca and her young daughter would love to get Pippa back but are having to weigh up the costs and added trauma of flying her back home.She may be put up for adoption into a new forever home in Brisbane.


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    So that's the trick to losing weight? I'm off to find a neighbor moving out...

    That's one heck of a cat, I would want it back. Perhaps a combination effort of all parties involved could get the cat back home to the little girl. Not sure why but the mother seems like she doesn't want the cat back or I'm just reading into it wrong...

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