2 Canine Katrina Victims Still Need Homes

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by PrayersForMaura, Nov 3, 2005.

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    Two Canine Katrina Victims Still Need Homes

    Although only one of three rescued dogs brought to Edgewood from the Hurricane Katrina area is still in need of a foster home, the future for two of the dogs is still uncertain.

    After two weeks searching homes in New Orleans for abandoned animals, Edgewood animal control officer Vicki Lenderman, her daughter, Tanya, friend and canine behavior specialist Cameron Murphy and late friend Scott D. Kennett returned to Edgewood with three four-legged survivors.

    Chalmette, a 7-year-old yellow Lab mix thought to be dead when discovered in New Orleans, has since found creature comforts in Albuquerque. The dog, which has a broken shoulder and is now being called Aly by her foster owners, is recovering and settling in to her new surroundings.

    "She's doing great. We're about to do a follow-up X-ray to see how the shoulder is healing, and providing nobody claims her in the next two weeks her foster home is ready to adopt her permanently," Lenderman said Monday.

    But a young female Rottweiler and a German shepherd, now battling to overcome heartworm, have yet to find the love of either a permanent home or their original owners.

    Orleana, the German shepherd, has found an interim foster home but no leads have emerged to reunite Orleana with her original owners.
    Metairie continues to be in foster care with the Lendermans.

    "I'm currently maintaining e-mail correspondence with a woman in New Orleans who thinks Metairie might be her missing Zena. I'm hopeful it will be a happy ending, but I'm still not sure it's a correct match," Lenderman said, explaining the pictures and information about the dogs posted on

    Metairie and Orleana have successfully come through bouts of giardia and intestinal worms since being rescued, but they've only just begun to fight off heartworm.
    Oct. 24 and 25 marked the beginning of a six-week fight with the deadly disease as injections of immiticide were released deep within the muscular tissue along the dogs' spines.

    LOTS More: http://www.mvtelegraph.com/mountain/404811mtnview11-03-05.htm
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    Isn't it amazing that all the dogs found homes except two?

    Let's don't forget our own local shelters always have pets available for adoption. They may get put to sleep if nobody takes them, and they're every bit as important as hurricane dogs. All ended up there due to some kind of misfortune.

    Bless you for caring.

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