2005 Civil Suit Documents

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    These are now online at http://www.stevenaverycase.org/civilsuitdocuments/

    From the post elsewhere:

    Included in each document name is the number corresponding to the docket entry. For example, the documents called 1-Complaint and 1-Civil Cover Sheet correspond to the first entry on the docket summary, 4-Answer to Complaint-Kocourek corresponds to the fourth entry, etc.

    Note that, in the interest of time and thriftiness, I skipped over a bunch of the documents that were purely administrative in nature. This includes notices of appearance by each attorney (e.g., certificates of interest and service), docket annotations, mailing notices, duplicate entries, etc. That said, let me know if there's anything important that I missed, and I can grab a copy later.

    ****Also, just another note... the depositions apparently are owned by Magne-Script (court reporting company), and they are claiming that the depositions are copyrighted and are pretty pricey. They were never filed in court so they can't be obtained that way.****
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