2008.07.14 Calendar on WS brought to discuss today last year in real time

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    Casey has Amy's car
    Ricardo M. Says: He was in P. Rico July (...)
    Ricardo in PRico
    Casey "full time" at TonE's
    Ricardo M. Says: Casey texted 7/14 or 7/ (...)
    Casey's Online Presence
    KC's Receipts (Provided by LA)
    KC and AH Text Messages 7/14/08
    Tony L. Says: Casey stayed overnight wit

    From Casey (not sure to who)
    July 14 2008 22:10
    Casey sent a video to this user about drums because he is a drum player. It is by Killer Chops TV on you tube

    Casey wrote to Mark:
    Jul 14 2008 6:12 AM
    who has the bestest best friend? well.... besides me...
    you do!
    Reciepts provided by LA
    July 14:

    Blockbuster (7702 University) @ 5:50 pm cash $13.40

    Text message on calendar
    First initials are who received the text message; second initials are who sent the text message

    KC AH The flight is in at 1130. I’ll call in the morning.

    *As organized by QuietStorm from AH's incoming and outgoing text message dump released to the public as discovery evidence
    *AH's outgoing messages are undated in the discovery document so there is a slight margin of sorting error; however, the outgoing messages nearly always follow a chronological order. This message wasn't dated and is presumed to have been sent 7/14, the day before AH's return flight from
    Puerto Rico.
    July 14 or 15 Casey sent a text [Ricardo would have been in P. Rico] about who was picking them up at the airport.
    Page 1305 Lines 4-5 Ricardo M. Interview with LE on 7/25/2008
    KC was staying at TL every night from July 5
    July 5 > Casey was staying with you pretty much every night after July 5th?
    Once I came back from NY she was full time at my house. [3935 Sutton Pl Blvd Winter Park, FL 32792]
    Page 995 Lines 14-15 Tony L Interview with LE on 7/22/2008

    This is all info gathered by all the great WS's on the calendar. I will now go to the ping map and see what she was doing that day. I think she stayed close to TL's apt.
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  3. Sdavidson11

    Sdavidson11 You are not alone in this journey

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    Chris S**** told LE he thought he saw KC running along Chickasaw around 9-9:30 am on July 15, and sent her a text asking if it was her.

    New docs show that this text was actually sent 7:38 am July 14:

    Chris to KC 7:38 am: "Were you running this morning?"
    Chris to KC 8:17 am: "O nevermind. I thought i say you." (error in original )

    I think this is actually consistent with the ping map for this day. Here is a map showing Chickasaw trail:


    I am always suspicious of any early morning activity by KC....

    The ping map shows that she pinged near the Amscot at 8:11 AM, 7:43-8:30 PM, and lastly 10:31-11:33 PM

    This is all the hard work from WSers on the ping thread
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    This is a great idea for a thread.Kudos!
    In the early days many of us saw CA as an OCD clean freak and KC as a young kid who didn't want to admit she let her child drown ,for fear her mom would be mad.
    Now we see CA as covering up eveidence and KC as a sociopathic killer.
    What a difference a year has made.
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    Sdavidson11, Thank you so much for this thread! From those of use who will without a doubt retrace and try to slueth out every last little detail of the past year that has just consumed us. Thank You

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    How funny, just earlier this morning I had a fleeting thought of, "wonder what KC was doing a year ago today."

    Bravo! Great thread idea, and the detail is greatly appreciated!

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