2008.07.25 My jail visit transcript GA & CA

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    Heres a copy of the transcript I made for this date (including my own personal observations).
    **Disclaimer: This is my own interpretation of the conversations. It may not be an accurate representation of what was actually said.**

    Jailhouse visit transcript. 25th July 9am
    Video # 1

    KC: [Has huge smile+ giggle when she sees ga +ca]
    Ca: Oh, good they must be ready (bringing kc in)
    kc: Hi (big smile and giggle despite the handcuffs and missing child)
    CA: Sweety, whats...we've been watching you for so long..
    KC: You have been (high pitch)
    CA: I love you
    KC: I love you too, Hi (giggle)
    CA: We've been seing you sitting down
    KC: Oh, ok, yeah i was talking with one of the doctors.
    CA: We,we forgive anything that you have said....or done
    KC: Oh...[takes phone away from ear] hang on..can we turn the volume down a ,yeah you can probably hear it. My heads gonna exploooode.(giggle) [talking to warden]
    KC: I havent said anything, dont worry
    CA: It is kinda loud
    KC: Uh, uhm, yeah okay (pause) is that better?
    CA: kc?
    KC: Yah?
    CA: Can you hear me?
    KC: Yeah can you just turn it up a lil bit, justa lil bit more. ok [talking to warden]
    KC: Thats good honey ( re:volume)
    KC: Yeah thats perfect
    CA: Are you ok?
    KC: Yeah.. Uhm, I just talked to lee
    CA: I know- he told us.
    KC: Yeah we got cut off within our last minute but we at least we got a chance to cover alot of stuff in that hour, so....
    KC: Uhm, whats that on the shirt? i didnt get a chance to ask him, you know, other things...besides...
    CA: Caylees picture is on the back
    KC: Is it? can dad turn around so..show me- the shirt
    CA :Turn around sweety, so she can see.[talking to GA].Its the never lose hope foundation.do you see it?
    KC: I can see a part of it, yeah.
    CA: 'Have you seen me' and then it has the information on how to contact..
    KC: Ok
    CA: Casey, you dont realise that the whole united states is looking for our caylee.
    KC: [suddenly very serious] I know that mom
    CA: Her covers gonna be on people magazine in a few days.
    (Kc does a sad/worried look)
    KC: Ok
    CA: Everybody is looking for her
    KC: Huh.oh, good
    CA:Everybodys looking for her. are we going to be able to find her do you think?
    KC: I hope we can mom .... [pause]....
    now I didnt get a chance to ask lee because, uhm..
    CA: Can you look up a little bit more?
    KC: I actually want to...
    CA: Raise your eyes up a lil bit. there you go, so now ,look straight up so i can look into your eyes, darlin
    [kc smiling]
    CA: Thankyou, you know i need to do that.
    [kc starts crying]
    GA[:rolls eyes]
    CA: Its ok to cry kc,its alright love, we've all been crying. Casey, I wanna ask you just a couple of questions'
    KC:Good/god (not sure which) pause.... then tears stop.
    CA: I know the pictures with caylee in zannys apt.is zannys apt the one with the drums?
    KC: She had a drumset, yes(nodding rubbing eyes)
    CA: The one in the picture...
    KC:[wiping (fake) tears to avoid answering question'] I think there are even other pictures. I told lee to look through everything.
    CA: Ok. is that Zannys apt? Because I know whos apt it is. Is it zannys apt?
    KC: That exact apt , no- that was Ricardos apt. Its set up a lot like zannys apt.....wiping eyes again
    CA: Ok...[pause].. Do we have any pictures of zanny apt?
    KC:Mom,lee and I already talked about this.It could be on the disc at home, I dont know....'
    CA: What is your, i cant get into your, uhm...
    KC: I gave lee everything, already.. I gave Lee..
    CA: Alright
    KC:All of the passwords, everything we could possibly think of. all over again.....
    CA: I wanna.. I want to get some videoclips of the, because the video of caylee with grandpa is really helping people. still pictures dont show her justice....
    KC: No they dont show her personality,
    CA: Right. and we need to show her personality so I need to make sure we get that p/w
    KC: Yeah (nodding) I gave Lee the p/w
    CA: Please look up sweetheart, i need to see your eyes.
    KC: Mom!I wanna be able to look at you guys too. I cant look at you and look at the camera..
    CA:Well you dont have to look at the camera, look at me
    KC: I am looking at you,
    CA: I know
    KC: You're sitting very low (giggle)
    CA:(smiling) I know
    KC: Your heads about this much in the tv (giggle)
    KC:Ok (not smiling) [pause]..do you think zannys acting by herself or does she have help?
    KC: I dont know mom, I havent been able to talk to anybody-I dont know (pause) ....I'm ,I'm hoping that, if theres people involved, theres as many people that are dumb enough to open their mouth and say something as possible.(clue that others are involved?)pause, but mum, i, i havent got anything to go off at the moment. i dont know...
    CA: (looking PO'ed, just staring at kc) Okay
    KC: I really-I dont know. Jose and I (touching eyes) go over this every time we talk and things that lee told me today i'm extremely aggravated about because I havent gotten a single letter (shakes head, tries to cry again).Nothing that you have given him has gotten back to me
    CA: I've only given him my letter, I dont think I've given him Annies letter yet.
    KC: Well I got 2 letters that were sent directly to the jail..
    CA: Okay
    KC: But nothing thats been given to him has given to me
    CA: Well, he didnt hand anything to you
    KC: He can at least...
    CA: Did you read my writing?
    KC: I read the one little note, yes, but Lee said he's written letters
    CA: Okay
    KC: He's written other stuff...
    CA: Well ok then the one little note I wrote...
    KC: He did show me..
    CA: You did get it. ok thats the only written note that I've given so..
    KC: Well according to Lee
    CA: Dont lose (unintelligible) faith..
    KC: I'm not losing faith, I'm just gonna have a lot of questions for him when I see him...
    CA: Thats fine..
    KC: Hopefully later today
    CA: You wanna have questions for him
    KC: I have alot of questions. and I'm gonna ask you something that he told me..
    CA: Okay
    KC: I guess there was a lady that came forward on the news..uhm, her and her son were at the airport; said that they saw Caylee, spoke to Caylee..
    CA: And she said her name was caylee marie anthony...
    KC: Do you have any more information on that? (eyebrows raised again)
    [ pause ]
    CA: Uhm...yes (seems uncertain) but again...
    CA: The ah, the uhm, sheriffs depts telling us theyre fully investigating that...
    [pause...kc wiping at eyes again]
    KC: Well I want someone outside of the sheriffs dept looking into these things. I want Lee to look into this stuff, I want you guys to look into stuff, I want Jose to look into stuff...
    CA: Well, we're looking. We're trying to request those video tapes from the orlando airport
    KC :Okay
    CA: I was with Jose when he requested that.
    KC: Ok..have you spoken to her yourself?
    CA: Oh, she contacted me! She calls me every day. 3 or 4 times a day
    KC: Ok, good, well thats whatIi wanted to know. I dont want just one person running errands for me, someone I have no contact with.
    [ CA looks angry]
    CA:Does Charlotte sound like a potential place to look?
    KC: Well, you can look Charlotte. I know zannys roots are in nth carolina
    CA: And definately Miami?
    KC: Definately Miami...and New York
    CA: Do you know her, her...her mothers name is zenaida fernandez gonzales as well?
    KC: No her mothers Gloria
    CA: Is her mother, what age is her mother?
    KC:[ pause]...uhm
    CA: Is she...
    KC: She's older. she's between your age and dads age, so thats...
    CA: So about 55?
    KC: Roughly, yes
    CA: Have you ever heard her sisters name. Not zannys sister, her mums sisters name. Zannys aunts' name ?
    KC: No (shaking head slowly)
    CA: Uhm, is it possible that she could be staying with her, that zannys mom, could be staying with zannys aunt, in Miami?
    KC: Its a possibility. I dont, I dont know where exactly they are in miami or who they're staying with, but its a possibility.
    CA: Does Josephina....
    KC: All I know is
    CA: Sound familiar to you?
    KC: No
    CA: Josephina.
    KC: No
    CA: Ok... [pause]...Ok

    [...pause... more tears and wiping them away]
    KC:Ooh man,uhm
    CA: I'm gonna ...
    KC: Uhm
    CA: No go ahead honey, ask
    KC: I was just gonna ask if they were gonna let us have an extra almost 15 minutes because, since we didnt get...
    CA:(impatient?) Probably not. We'll have to ask to start over.I dont know if they'll allow us or not
    KC: Ok
    GA:[Unintelligible - talking to cindy]
    CA: Oh, ok. Thats what he said, ok. [pause]...Ok...alright
    [kc wiping eyes again]
    CA: Do you want to speak to your father now?
    KC:[pause, looks down]Oh, sure, ok (fake smile)
    CA: Ok
    [CA hands phone to GA- kc grinning]
    GA: Hey gorgeous, how are you doing?
    KC: [starts crying but still smiling] I look like hell !(laughing)
    GA: Well you know somethin'? You really need to keep your spirit high through all this
    KC: I have, I havent been crying while I've been in here. I've...
    GA:Well, you know something..
    KC: ...been trying to read books and stuff, things that keep my mind off of stuff.(wiping eyes-no tears)
    GA: Well, you know i want to be able to reach out and hug you and give you the...you know the big papa jo hug
    [kc crying]
    GA: But you know I, I, I, we gotta get that little girl back, anyway we can and we...
    KC: Dad- thats my only concern
    GA: And we're doing everything we can...
    KC: I gave Lee a statement. I want him to speak to whoever, the media, give them a statement specifically from me. He's gonna give an exact quote....
    [CA looks worried/uncertain]
    KC: ...She's my only concern..next to Caylee its you guys, thats my only..... (voice breaking)
    GA: Well,can I ask you something?
    KC: [sigh] Yeah [wiping face]
    GA: Is there any particular city that you took Caylee to , at all, any particular friends?
    KC: I havent, honestly (soft voice)...no.....
    GA: Its been mostly just, just local?
    KC :Its been local, its all been local. The last time I was in Jacksonville was in March.I havent left the city.
    [pause kc wipes eyes]
    GA: Well you know everyone....
    KC: Sorry ...going to Coco beach one time, maybe back in May (sniff)
    GA: Well..
    KC: I know everbody's looking
    GA: Yeah
    KC: Ive been getting updates from jose and, uhm , and occasional officer will give me just a little bit of the media, they've stomached watching
    GA: Well have you had a chance to read a paper, or the, see the news?
    KC: No (shaking head) I'm staying away from the Tv's, they dont even have the tv on in here for news purposes. I havent seen the paper or anything like that..
    CA:[ unintelligible]
    GA: Ok mom wants to talk to you for a second
    KC: Oh god (quietly)
    CA: Listen I'm in front of the cameras all the tme. What message do you want me to give to zanny, and to Caylee?
    KC: Just to r...
    CA: What do you want to tell zanny?
    KC: That she needs to return Caylee
    CA: What do you think her reasons are?
    KC:...I would forgive her.
    KC: Mom, i dont know(softly and 'sadly')
    CA: Ok
    [ pause ]
    KC: I, I forgive her. My only concern is that Caylee comes back to us .(voice breaking) That she's smiling and she's happy, the main thing is that she's ok.
    CA: Ok. What do you want me to tell Caylee?
    KC: (voice breaking) That mommy loves her very much(crying)
    [CA crying too]
    KC: And shes the most important thing in this entire world to me (sniff)
    KC: And to be brave, huh....
    CA: Hold on (writing it down)
    [kc crying....pause.....pause....(trying to cry more)]
    KC: (sniff- wiping tears)
    CA: Anything else? (crying)
    KC: Just that I love her.I truelly truelly love that little girl. I miss her so much (voice breaking. sniff...pause...) God, and I miss you guys...
    CA: I know,honey we miss you too (crying)
    KC: I know lees priority list; we went through things and i know caylee is at the top of everybodys priority list and i'm the last on mine right now
    CA: I know you are .I know youre the last on your list..because you are just like me
    KC: I'll sit here as long as I have to....
    CA: Who are you protecting?
    KC: ....I dont care
    CA: I know. Are you protecting Caylee, or are you protecting me , or are you protecting whom?
    [pause kc wipes nose]
    KC: Lee and I have made an agreement. I'm gonna start writing letters. I'm gonna do it today. I'm gonna write individual letters to each of you. Send them through the mail, through
    CA: Casey...
    KC:....the jail mail.
    CA: I dont want to wait through the mail darling
    KC:[ pause..wipes eyes] I'm protecting our family, yes. not for money or anything that I have done
    [ pause ]
    CA: Is someone threatening us?
    [pause...kc wipes eyes....sniff...pause]
    CA: Is someone threatening us?
    [pause...kc wipes eyes..].
    KC: Mom just leave it at that please
    CA: Ok
    KC: For right now, just leave it at that
    CA: Ok...I trust you [looking straight into kc's eyes.KC looks down]
    CA: But dont...just know that you dont have to protect this family. This family is tough. We've been through alot in the last week and a half
    KC: I know mom(wiping eyes)
    CA: We're pretty darn strong. We almost lost it a few times but we're stronger now than we've ever been, so you dont try to protect dad , or me or Lee
    KC: I know
    CA: We have to protect Caylee so dont protect.....
    KC: I know. thats.....
    CA: ...us
    KC: Thats all I'm worried
    CA: Protect caylee
    KC: I know (wiping eyes)
    CA: Well then theres nothing that...theres nothing to protect us for
    KC:[ sigh..pause...sniff...wipe nose]
    CA: Do you understand that?
    KC: I know, I understand that mom.
    [pause....kc sniff]
    CA: I have a question for you
    KC:[ sigh] uh, go ahead (softly)
    CA: How come you never got a chance to get the car? it doesnt make sense.
    KC: (wiping eyes) Mom...[pause]....because this is recorded and I dont know whos gonna see things and who...or whos gonna misconstrue everything else. Like I said, theres things that I directly need to say to each of you..
    CA: Oh, okay
    KC: That...Lee and I are finding other means to do, so...
    CA: Ok
    KC:(blows at some dust or s/thing)
    [long pause...ca sighs, kc sighs]
    CA: Has someone else been in our house?
    KC: (pause) I dont know..possibly...I told you along time ago she had a key
    CA: Ok
    ....(long pause)..........
    KC: Wiping eyes, uhm, [sigh], oh God, and I was gonna ask you something too, and now I dont remember
    CA: Sorry
    KC: No thats ok, uhm,...[pause]...hows the rest of the family?
    CA:[looks like wth?] Uhm, grandmas not doing very well at all kc-she not, and I cant talk to her, because, because she's not good when I do talk to her...[pause]...so she's not doin well at all....so..
    KC: [sigh, pause, wipes nose.]
    CA: Everybody sends their love. everybody loves you, everybody knows that youve done nothing to caylee.
    KC: Good ...I know that. I'm just glad that everybody else knows that.
    CA: Well theres alot of people out there that dont believe that though, darling.
    KC: Oh, I know, but again , I get that.... I get that daily here.
    CA: Ok, well hold on - dad wants to talk to you again[hands phone to ga]
    KC: Oh, go ahead
    [cindy looks peeved]
    GA: Casey, what can I do? [very direct]
    KC: Ah just try to keep talking to the media I guess. Keep things positive, keep it focused on Caylee. that needs to be the main focus....pause...
    GA: Is there anything else that you want to say directly to me at all?
    KC: [sigh...pause...pick eyes...] Just that I wish that none of this would have ever happened...I really wish that none of this ever would've happened
    GA: [pause.]..Well we all feel that way and I know that we're all just giving alot right now. We just have to keep on being strong and, knowing we gotta bring you, and we gotta bring caylee home..(looks frustrated)
    [ca says something to ga]
    GA: We know where you're at. I dont want to see you here...I dont want you here...
    KC: Yeah, but in some ways I almost feel more protected here than if I were on the outside...
    GA: Well I guess theres some truth in that, you know once we get that little girl home, which I hope is todaaaayy, (smiling), you know, I, you..... that stuff with you is not gonna be easy to get through, but at least we'll have you out also and thats the focus here.
    KC: As long as we have Caylee home, everything else with me we'll deal with as we can. Lee made a good point. Getting caylee home is our priority because everything else will fall into place after that, and thats the truth.
    [CA looks unconvinced]
    GA: Ok, well you better know that mom and I worry about you being here
    KC: I know, but I'm under protective...I'm in my own cell, I'm right across, I mean I am literally, like ,four steps away from where their little station here, so I'm being watched at all times
    GA: Ok. When was the last time you spoke to mr baez if i might ask?
    KC: Wednesday night..todays friday, right? Wednesday
    GA: Ok. have you ever just thought about reaching out to the guys at the sheriffs dept?
    KC: The few times that have dad, youve seen how it blows up in my face. they misconstrue things that I said to them. Resources that I gave them havent been used. So in all honesty, [ca wants phone back] as much as I'd like to, at the moment if I'm going to, it wont be an in- person conversation. It wont be an over- the- phone conversation. It will be in writing so theres no way of them twisting my words, or saying I didnt give them information.
    GA: Well do you have access to a phone and everything everday, or...
    KC: No. there needs to be I guess money put into the account or someting, so I can make calls. They dont have to be collect calls
    GA: Well you know you can call us, we'll accept the charge.
    KC: No understand that but I'm saying know that somehow there needs to be money in an account for me to be able to make calls, from what I've been told. tell mom, to keep breathing...
    GA: So you need some money so you can make outside calls?
    KC: As far as I know yes, you'll have to ask somebody for information on that
    GA: Ok. Talk to mom, one second[passes phone to CA]
    CA: Is there any messages to anybody that you want me to give? Do you want me to tell Annie anything, Tony anything?
    KC: Tell Amy that I'm sorry....uhm tell Ryan I appreciate all of his help. If you could ask him to come if he gets a chance to come in town I dont know if he's going to be able to, uhm..
    CA: Ok
    KC: I mean just tell the rest of the family to..
    CA: What about tony?
    KC: What the hell is there to say to him? I mean it took a friend of mine that i havent even seen in at least 4 yrs, havent talked to in maybe longer than that- someone from highschool to come and see me, and he hasnt made any effort. He wont talk to Jose, you know. When I sent even a specific note...I mean I would like to reach out to him to talk to him, but at the same time, I, my concern is you guys.
    ~continues next post~

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    VIDEO #2 25TH JULY 9AM CONT.....
    CA: How about Jessie? He's been real close, is there anything you want me to tell jesse?
    KC: I would like jesse to stay as far away from you guys as possible
    [ca stares then winks at kc]
    KC: I'm saying that as wholeheartedly and calmly as possible
    CA: Ok(unsure)
    KC: I dont know how much we can trust him right now, and I even told lee that. lees going to investigate a few people for me
    CA: Alright [still staring]
    KC: I, I, in my gut, I dont know if i can trust him
    CA: Ok well,ive been thinkin that all along, but, i told the deputies my feelings
    KC: Jose and I had a couple of conversations about that. we've talked about that, multiple different times, actually.
    CA: Does he know zanny?
    KC: to the best of my knowledge.....no, but quite possibly.
    CA: Ok. has jesse ever watched caylee in the last month or so while he was off work?
    KC: No
    CA: Ok
    KC: The last time that he watched caylee was at his parents house- when she was a baby, so thats 2006
    CA: Ok. you know his dad has been trying to reach out to your dad. his mom sent lee an email to tell him, tell us that they...as much as the differences that they had with you they still know that youre a good mom, and that uhm, you know they want caylee back as well, so i want you to know that
    KC: I know I appreciate that. I mean coming from his family, that, that means alot. As far as Jesse as an individual....is very questionable for me, very questionable
    CA: k, [looking confused]
    KC : Things from his parents, that I can, eh [shrugs shoulders] .....pause......
    CA: I have a question
    KC: I can honestly say I appreciate it. Yes?
    CA : Your tiffany ring...
    KC: Uh hum
    CA: You know the little heart ring? where is it?
    KC : I dont know. i havent seen it for a long time
    CA: And who gave you that ring again? i forget.
    KC: Jeff [pause]
    CA: Ok...uhm, we cant find Jeff
    KC: Lee actually has some more information on things like that. He knows information about him, about Juliette, about other people
    CA: Ok, dee, or daisy or whatever her name is, from kodak called and said to tell you she loves you and she knows your ok. She just called me. she'll be coming into town
    KC: Ok
    CA: OK
    KC: Yeah
    CA: Uhm, are we tom frank or tom manley Because theres a....
    KC: Theres a tom frank and a tom manley. I've,haha, again,information from when i've even spoken to people directly from universal...
    CA: Now frank is the last email that you got, should be
    KC: Yes
    CA: Well why did they put in the police report manley.
    KC: Mom, I dont know
    CA: Ok well i'm just wondering
    KC: This is what i'm saying. Information specifics that i had given them
    CA: Do you think i could get mike to tell them
    KC: Kozak?
    CA: Yeah
    KC: I dont know maybe. I havent spoken to him in like, quite a long time
    CA: And he knew alot of these people didnt he?
    KC: He might've, i dont know
    CA: Ok, alright
    KC : Uhm, have you guys heard from earl at all
    CA: No
    KC: Merideth?, my first manager, no?
    CA: No. I dont know how to get in touch with them either
    KC: He had a my space so you miight be able to find him on my friends list
    CA: You know how?
    KC: hm, check myspace
    CA: I dont know your myspace password
    KC: Do you know the email fore it?
    CA: Is it caseyomarie?
    KC: I'll spell it for you, yeah k-a-y-s-e-e-o-m-a-r-e-e-@-cfl.rr.com. Password is the same as my facebook account. timer. t-i-m-e-r 55
    CA: Ok you know who that, on your myspace friend, who, god- what the hecks his name? Marky Mark.
    KC: Yeah. thats Hark H****
    KC: Thats charlie brown. Thats Mark h****
    CA: Ok, well, it didnt look like mark because someone thought that person looked familiar. one of the witnesses.
    KC: Thats mark
    CA: Ok.......ok....he hasnt seen Caylee, or has anything related to this?
    KC: Marks on the west coast, no he's one of those people that I trust
    CA: Did you, did you stop by and see his mom a week before all this happened?
    KC: We ran into each other at target out at waterford
    CA: You think... she could share anything with me?
    KC: I....dont know what she'd be able to share. we talked completely in passing and it was about mark
    CA: Ok I didnt know I just thought maybe I can ask that..it might be a yes or no question to me
    KC: There...no I dont thinks theres anything that...anyone would know (sniff, oh)
    CA: Ok...uhm............uhm.....uhm.Silver car, correct? Or a coloured car?
    KC : Silver ford focus 2008 4 door. The windows are tinted.Its very basic.There is a pink floral carseat on the right passenger side on the back seat......thats the carseat she's had for caylee
    CA: And thats why caylee doesnt need ....none of her stuffs missing from the house cause she's got everything.
    KC: She has everything. shes always had shoes, socks, diapers, everything, clothes, toys, i mean-you name it
    CA: Who else did she ever nanny for before, you, besides Jeff that youre aware of.
    KC: Noone i know of. Hes the only person I knew of.....I know she had watched her nephews and her neice, uhm, outside of that i dont know if there was anyone else (sniff)
    CA: Ok, and she definately watched annabelle?
    KC: Definately watched annabelle on several occasions.
    CA: Ok....Oh! Where did you take caylee to get her hair cut?
    KC: I never took caylee anywhere to get her hair cut.thats why when I heard that it was complete bull****. the only time caylees gotten her hair cut's been at the house. when I did it, or you did it.
    CA: I know that.what about...whos your beautician. The person that colours your hair.
    KC: Noone coloured my hair. I did my hair the last . Noone has touched my head since the first week of april after my 21st birthday last year. that was the last person that cut my hair, so i'm just
    CA: I wonder where it came from
    KC: Yeah, exactly.i'm wondering where it came from
    CA: Is there anything else you need me to know, or check on for you?
    KC: Uhm,Ii already told lee to check my phone records, keep checking that. go back through, even myspace stuff, there could be....
    CA: Is there any particular day, for sure you that know, we need to check this back too?
    KC: As far as what mom? what specifically?
    CA:Tthe last day that you saw caylee
    KC: The 16th [pause]
    CA: Now I thought tara said that her and Caylee spoke on the phone that week
    KC: Tara?
    CA: Tara from Michigan
    KC: You mean marks psych ex-wife, tara?
    CA: Yes
    KC: She has not even spoken to ME, since probably the end of may, at least.. uh, and there goes the tv again [session will end in 5min]
    CA: KC?
    KC: 5 mins I know. I have NOT spoken to tara in well over 2 mths
    CA: She said she had a 13minute conversation....NO..not 13, that was someone else....that she had over an hour long conversation with you. that she was having issues.
    KC: Yeah exactly! TWO months ago. I havent talked to her since then.
    CA: Well she says just a week ago
    KC: Well you can check the number on my call records
    CA: Now dont get upset ...
    KC: NO!
    CA: I'm just saying...
    CA: She's saying that
    KC: I KNOW what shes saying...
    CA: That they to each other
    KC: The babies never even spoke to each other. I never even put caylee on the phone[angry]....dont!...listen....
    CA: No, kc....
    KC: I'm not getting mad at you
    CA: No
    KC: I know your not. Listen! People like tara, people like jesse, who are maybe trying to help, even christina, god, bless her...uh, uh, dont know what the hell theyre talking about (high pitch). they may have talked to me within the last few months, or seen me within the last, oh, i dont know....year![sarcastic] and will say, 'oh yeah. this was during this such and such time, cause theyre trying to help
    CA: I know
    KC: Well, mom, this is why stuff is being misconstrued, words are being put in my mouth...
    CA: Well i just wanted to confirm that
    KC: You have my phone records.no i havent spoken to tara, you can look up her number
    CA: I believe you
    KC: What the michigan thing is, whatever
    CA: We've only got 5 more min. what else do you want me to check on
    KC: I thought they were giving us extra time?
    CA: I dont know thats only 5 mins in this session
    KC: Oh, i know and it will go off when we have one minute left, and then we'll get our last minute. uhm,.......
    KC: uhm, I'm fine
    CA: Ok
    KC: I want you guys to know that. I'm eating to the best of my ability. I miss real food
    CA: I know. I havent cooked in any of this. people have been bringing food to the house.hhhhhh. if I list names, is there anybody, that I could....that may have some insight?
    KC: Lee and i already went over this. He had a whole list of people. whether or not he should even bother talking to them.people that he should look into.
    CA: Were you ever intending on going to peurto rico?
    KC: Ah, ye-ah. at the beginning of the year and then we had talked about stuff progressively throughout the last few months
    CA: Who made the reservations?
    KC: There was never a reservation made for me. i was gonna make my own reservation
    CA: Yeah but who made everybody's reervation?
    KC: Nobody was making reservations. we were gonna be buying our own tickets as we could, or as we wanted to, and we werw gonna be staying at jp's familys apartment, or his apt, down there
    CA: Ok, I thought it was uhm.....
    KC: No. there was no. there was nothing that was pre scheduled months in advance. we were all waiting to buy tickets, if we were gonna buy tickets, things of that nature.
    CA: Yeah, cause amy's flight number was written on a piece of paper in your handwriting..
    KC: Yeah,i know because i was gonna be picking her up
    CA: Ok
    KC: I needed to know her flight information from when I was going to get her at the airport
    CA: Makes sense
    KC: Ye-ah! and just like the menus that you found at the house. The breakfast lunch and dinner, that was MY list, my stuff. I wanted to start waking up at 5'am and working out. If it was for caylee, there would have been waffles listed.mini pancakes. little things that she liked. I would never feed her a bagel with eggs...
    CA: she likes bagels, and egg and cream cheese and that kinda stuff [sadly]
    KC: So do I! We're like the same little tiny person, you know [cindy smiling] She's almost my size anyway, but it was health food, was it not, on those lists? It was all healthy stuff[cindy smile gone]
    KC: that was one thing jose asked me about 4 times, about the menus
    [1min till session end]
    CA: Ok. you've got one minute. what do you want to say to us?
    KC: That I love you and that I miss you and you, know, you guys stay as strong as possible
    CA: We are kc. Our whole lifes turned upside down looking for this little girl
    KC: I know (high pitch). Trust me. If I could be out there with you i would be in a heartbeat.Trying to help take the strain off off you trying to find her. Thats all I wanna do.
    CA: We're gonna see her little face again
    KC: I [shaking head] pray to god every day that we do
    CA: KC?![just staring at kc]
    KC: mom.....
    ~ video end ~
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    July 25th afternoon visit 2pm

    KC: Hello(big grin)
    CA: We have another 45 minutes
    KC: Really?
    CA: Yeah they were so gracious to give us the whole 45mins
    KC: Theyre being generous today...(high pitch-still grinning)
    CA: Well i think that. kc, everybody wants an end to all of this
    KC:[stops smiling]Oh, of course.
    CA: Uhm,I have to ask
    KC: Go ahead
    CA: Did Caylee ever stay at TonEs
    KC: No.[shaking head]
    CA: Are you sure?
    KC: Positive. we have hung out of there, but she had never stayed, no
    ca: uhm, tony admitted to lee that theres drugs in his home. could this be related to something like that?
    KC: No, its not
    CA: Ok, I just had to ask
    KC: No, his room mate smoked weed, but no
    CA: Ok
    KC: Its one of the big reasons that caylee would never stay there, one- I would never let caylee stay at just anybodys house.
    CA: I know you wouldnt, and that why I had to ask
    KC: I know. Thats fine (high pitch)
    CA: Oh, and beside, lee, and dad and I , has anybody been in to see you?
    KC: Uhm, yeah, patrick burgeoius...he's friend with mike walker
    CA: Whos that?
    KC: Do you guys remember mike walker? dad might
    [ca asks ga]
    KC: ...From track
    CA: Wha...how did he ...
    KC: He came and saw me yesterday, about 9 or 10 in the morning. he was the 1st person that had actually come up to see me as far as the phone calls were oncerned. he just wanted to basically tell me i had friends on the outside. mike apparently passed on amessage telling me he hopes that i'm ok. to keep my head . and he said that whole bunch of other people from highschool, all just, wanted me to know that.
    CA: Aha(affirmative)Patrick....?[writing it down]
    KC: That they ,be you know, behind me...bougeoius. uhm spelling, i'm gonna butcher it terribly but lee said he's been trying to contact him through emails and stuff like that , and that hes someone, that you know, he can try to talk to, because he's more than willing to help, in whatever way he can, thats what he told me . You know he's gonna try to write me get other people to try to write me to keep my spirits up, so...I mean, I was very short with him, you know...not really knowing what to say at that point, but i mean i definately appreaciated his visit and thats even what told lee. i wanted to make sure that he knows how much i appeciate him coming to see me....so that meant alot, especially coming from someone that i know i havent talked to for at least the last four yrs. since highschool
    CA: Oh, is there a tia t*** in our neighborhood...theres a tia t***
    KC:Tia t***?! Nah, I dont know who that is. I dont know who alot of the people are that live in our neighborhood, outside of...
    CA: Well ssshhhee...I forget who she told. She told someone that uhm, I was hospitalized recently because I had a mental condition
    KC: [snickering] WOW,I'm glad I'm not outside. I'm glad I'm not out there.
    CA: I'm serious. you'd be suprised the crap thats comin, you know... that people think
    KC: No, I'm not suprised about the crap thats another reason why I dont want to hear any of this media bulls**t. people wanna have their face on the news. They wanna their 2 seconds of fame. I never once wanted to be on tv, or to have anything, period. Let alone it be the worst catastophic thing that could happen not only to me, but our family. I mean it doesnt suprise me what people are gonna do or say to try to ca..
    CA: Well theres only a few people kc, cause everybody that knows you....
    KC: Oh, I know that[high pitch], its the people that dont
    CA: What theyre saying is that you're the mom of the group
    [kc snickers]
    CA:.... That your the one that takes care of everyone else
    KC: Ah, its how always been, its the truth
    CA: Cause your alot like me
    KC: I'm alot like you. You're exactly right... and thats what people have said.' your moms a real spitfire'. People have been talking you up like crazy, and theyre like ' i wouldnt piss her off'.No you wouldnt.They would respect you more than anyone else
    CA: All Im trying to do is find caylee for both of us.
    KC: Oh, I know
    CA: For all of us... and I'll do whatever is gosh darn takes
    KC: iIfeel the exact same way. Thats exactly what I've been sayinng. I dont care what I have to do. when I told them I would lie, I would steal, I would do whatever, by any means, to have her back. I have to. Thats exactly how I feel.... thats the truth [high pitch]
    CA: [sigh] Casey, we have to find her before her third birthday.
    KC: Mom, I know
    CA: Thats coming up fast
    KC: I know, we have...a couple of weeks
    CA: I dont want to wait another minute, let alone..
    KC: I know .I dont want to wait another minute ..I,...I...want her to be found whether I'm still stuck in here or not, I dont care.
    CA: Well I think when shes found then you tell everybody what you know then you'll be released...dont you think?
    KC: Potentially. I dont know. Yuri has it set in his mind that I've done something
    CA: Well, he thinks, he thinks you guys did something to Caylee.
    KC:[looking to the side] Can you hold on for a second?
    CA: Yeah. Well dont waste our time.
    KC: I'm not...going to [high pitch]. I'll be right back[puts phone down and walks away]
    CA: Why would she do that?[ca to ga] Thats not right.Now theyre taking her....
    [waiting-background noises]
    CA: What the hell is that?
    [movement on other end of phone]
    [ga stands up, walks around]
    CA: Lee gave us alot so...just sit down if she doesnt come back...
    [waiting-ga pacing]
    CA: She's comin...[jail doors closing, feet shuffling]
    [kc returns]
    CA: What was that all about?
    KC: Hi. I'm in protective custody. I'm not allowed to be out if theres other people around, other inmates, so I had to go back to my cell
    CA: Oh, ok so theres other people there?
    KC: well right now no theres no other inmates out that has to come in, then I have to go back, behind...
    CA: I gotcha
    KC: Closed doors, so...its for my own protection
    CA: Well kc....
    KC: No! But thats what i'm saying , I, I, I ... apreciate it in everyway possible
    CA: Ok. have you spoken with the psychologist or psychiatrist yet?
    KC: Every single day
    CA: Ok
    KC: Thats who I was talking to when I was sitting at the table.
    CA: Are you able to freely speak with her? Or is that recorded?
    KC: No its not recorded [high pitch]
    CA: So do you feel like you can open up to her?
    KC: No
    CA: Ok. understood
    KC: We've talked about how I'm dealing with things, but I'm not opening up to somebody who i dont know. the only person that I would, would be Jose. For obvious reasons. He's somebody that I...know that I need to trust....I've started to trust, and....
    CA: Are you able to be in the same room with him, or do you have to do what we're doing?
    KC: We have open meetings.
    CA: Ok
    KC: Most of the time he can get my cuffs off , so at least, that way I'm still chained at my feet most of the time, but its in contact. He and I sitting at the same table....and its just us, so...
    CA: Well thats good that you get that person contact with the outside world
    KC: He fought for that completely
    CA: I know,
    KC: So its nice to have that contact , and I know theres no way that I can see you guys in person, thats something that I've asked, time, and time again. But I know that theres not a single inmate thats allowed that....uhm, right whatsoever unless its someone involved within the police dept or an attorney
    CA: Dad says he has a couple of things he wants to talk with you about honey... hang on[passes phone to ga]
    GA: I know this might be a tough thing to answer, but...
    KC: No, go ahead.
    GA: Did you borrow something from anyone or remove something without their permission that caylee might be being held for?
    KC: No,
    GA: I know thats a tough question sweetie, but I need to ask you
    KC: Its, its not a tough question, dad. I mean mom knows the stuff that I had taken from her. We had discussed, that, you know, on numerous occasions. And with Amy, you know.I mean I,I feel guilty about that... I feel extremely guilty, but I was under a time of desperation.
    GA: Well, what, what do you mean by that's a time of desperation'. I dont understand.
    KC: Like I said to you, or I said to mom, and lee and I have spoken and he advised me of something which is very smart. That written contact will be better than anything thats gonna be recorded since we cant speak openly. Freely ,in person because its being recorded
    GA: Ok well I dont want to take time then, going into anything else. is there something I can do for you sweetie. I ,
    ~muted- no sound from 10:34 -12:36
    KC:....get out and then have to come back. you know, I'll deal with whatever I have to myself,th.. in regard to me. I wanna be out...
    GA: I want you to know ,I wanna take your pain away from you, so you can tell me anything.
    KC: I know that dad[sweetly]
    GA: I miss you sweetie
    [kc crying {kinda}]
    KC: [sniff] I know that. I miss you too.
    GA: I wish I couldve been a better dad...
    [video skips to 13.57]
    [kc crying] {cindy mouth covered, crying}
    KC: Caylees really lucky to have both of you(sounds genuine-through tears)
    [video rewinds]
    GA:....Is there something I can do cause I want you out of here
    KC: Yeah, I want me out of here too,as quickly as possible but at the same time I know that until we get the bond lowered as much as possible, which is probably gonna take a lot, I mean, the police arent gonna drop any charges.. thats pretty evident, so...
    GA: Well can I share something with you.
    KC: Yeah...
    ~Continues next post~
    VIDEO ENDS 18:41
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    Hey thanks for spending so much time helping with the case, but to save you some work did you know alot of this stuff is already typed up? Try a google search before you do anymore.
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    25th july 2pm visit part 2
    GA: The longer and longer that this drags on ...
    KC: The harder its gonna be...
    GA: Theres gonna be maybe additional things that everyone might ...I dont want to get into that but yeah, its getting very very crucial thatwe gotta get you outa here. if i could get you out right now i would, but i want caylee back too.
    KC: Dad, dad. Again! Caylee is my main concern and if i have to stay in here outside of that, and then have to come back, i'll deal with wahtever i have to myself, in regard to me.i wanna be out.
    GA: I want you to know i want to take your pain away for you, so you know. you can tell me anything
    KC: I know that dad
    GA: I miss you sweety..
    KC: [crying] I know that .I miss you too.
    GA: I wish I couldve been a better dad and a better grandpa, you know?
    KC: You've been a great dad, and youre the BEST grandfather, dont for a second, think otherwise. You and mom have been the best grandparents. caylees been so lucky. Caylee was so lucky to have both of you. I cant even put into words how glad I am shes had both of you [seems genuine for the first time]
    KC:.... And that she still has both of you
    [CA crying throughout]
    GA: You know, it goes without saying that our house. our house is empty without both of you there....its empty. all the little things that we took for granted, we miss em so so much
    KC: Thats exactly how i feel
    GA: All your little things and all her little things,it just hurts that we're not all there ,mom and i are just going through the motions you know
    KC: That night when i told mom that I couldnt be in the house I knew that I couldnt be there and see that she wasnt there[still crying]
    GA: I just wish you could've came to me sooner...
    KC: Oh... I wish that I couldve come to anyone sooner. I wish that, like I said, that none of this would've happened[ KC-sigh, sniff]
    GA: Well we cant go back on things we could've done or should've done. We just have to support each other from here on
    KC: I know that. I love you guys so much and I just wanted you to know that I wish I couldve said something, or hugged you, or at least spent a moment with you the day of the hearing
    GA: I know sweetie, we felt the same way. I wanted to reach over and hug you and tell you that i love you. and to stay at a distance...even right here ..this is...its hard to be away from you, to hold your hand or hug you, its hard, real hard
    [pause kc crying]
    GA: But we're trying everything we can tgo get the little girl back. We're tryin'.
    KC: Iknow you guys are
    GA: Its 24hrs a day you know...
    KC: I know, but I cant...
    GA: Look mom wants to speak to you again
    KC: Dad , if I cant be there myself, I would rather it be you guys than anyone. I want you to know that.
    GA: Well alright. Heres mom
    [passes phone to ca]
    CA: You know I got threatened the other day by detective Melich, about , they were gonna send a squad car to visit grandpa, regarding the date, because of the 15th.. you know the day that we tape-recorded grandpa, and I felt just a teenie bit of what you may be going through, casey. about trying to protect someone taht you love so much. so I want you to know, I dont kow where youre coming from, as far as I dont know the circumstances, but I know the mother that you are, and the person that you are, and I know that you're doing whatever you need to do, and to protect...I hope your just proteting Caylee.... dont worry, again, about us, proteting your dad or me or lee. You understand? [firm]
    KC: Yeah
    CA: We can handle anything. I believe that, ok. Alright
    KC: Hold on, I'm gonna have to walk away again for a second. I'll be right back.
    CA: Ok babe
    [CA and GA talk .Kc returns
    KC: Oh, phones all wet...
    CA: Yeah..no she already said she was eating [talking to george].He wanted to know if your eating[to KC] I'll, tell him.
    KC: I ate coleslaw today. Tell him I ate coleslaw(big grin, excited laughter)
    CA: [smiling]Well youre probably gonna eat alot of things you never used to eat before, because when youre hungry, you'll eat
    KC: I hated baloney, I've been eating baloney and cheese on occassion. Gritz....I dont do gritz at all. They're terrible [giggle]
    CA: Well you know what? Your gonna eat whats in front of you
    KC: Uhm, no not really. I still wont touch certain gravey, outside of yours or Grandmas
    CA: Well you better eat a little something honey, cause your gettin really thin
    KC: Getting thin?- I've been thin!
    CA: But no kc, you're alot thinner
    KC: Well I'm only eating three meals a day.Ttheyre very small. Thats what we're given, you know, so I cant eat all day....like I can walk around and snack like I normally do. I'm not putting in.... probably about 35oo calories
    CA: Yeah i know
    KC: And I've been drinking juice that has no real juice in it.. that has no sugar, so tell me whats in that?[laugh]
    CA: Yeah, flavoured water
    KC: No its juice...ish. Its tastes like juice....ohhh man.At least I know now that I have something to look forward to each day. The potential to talk to you guys. To at least see you this much. Beside a shower every couple of days and crappy food
    CA: Wow
    KC: And the inconsistant visits with Jose. But at least , you know, its something.
    CA: Yeah he's supposed to be coming this afternoon
    KC: Thats what I figured he usually comes after 7.30. between 7 and ten
    CA: I think he's gonna try to come in...
    KC: Well thats good. At least I'm gonna get a shower after I'm done with you guys, so...whhhhh, uhm,..I know he was putting in an appeal for the bond. Do you know......what will happen with that?Have you heard anything from him?
    CA: No he said it might not be until next wednesday...the final on that
    CA: So it might be a while, uhm,
    CA: Yeah, we never really got a full description of zanny...I know shes got brown curly hair
    KC: about shoulder length. she wears it straight
    CA: I thought it was curly?
    KC: It is curly, but she also wears it straight....this is what I'm telling you. Its called a straightener.Remember, shes the one that gave me my straightener
    CA: Thats true, ok. How tall is she?
    KC: About 5,7ish. she's maybe an inch or two shorter than dad, so its 5, 6 5,7. Very thin. Maybe a little bit more meat than me. About 140ish. uhm,fairly tanned, brown eyes, uhm, no tattoos, that I've ever seen, that I know of. I've see her in a bathing suit, so unless its something beyond that, uhm...
    CA: Well I would think that if anybody around here knew her they would have come forward by now.
    KC: Thats what I'm thinking. Thats even what I told Jose. If it was anyone that has known me, especially that knows caylee, that at least knows of us...
    CA: Did anyone ask you to describe her and they did a composite drawing of her?
    KC: Not once! And they went down and interviewed that girl down in Kissemee? They never showed me a picture of her. They never searched.
    CA: Ok, well they told us that you couldnt pull her out of a line up
    KC:[shaking head] They're full of sh**t! I had told them, multiple times 'find a sketch artist. Show me pictures, show me soomething. I can point her out to you'.
    CA: Ok, well, you make sure Jose does that today
    KC: I told Jose this. I told him to pull in a sketch artist. I've told Jose that multiple times. I told him and also gabriel, his associate. Its the same information I've given you.
    [sounds like CA is whispering ' She's so full of s**t. God!.' to ga and shaking her head 11:49-50]
    KC:.....The same information I gave to the police. They never searched by her full name. They searched by zenaida, fernandez, wheras zenaida gonzales, never by her full name.
    CA: And its Z-E-N?
    KC: Z-E-N-A-I-D-A. I dont think she has a middle name. there was never a name on anything.
    [ca talking to ga 'the picture up wednesday morning']
    CA: Ok, we'll get that
    KC: Ok. God.... just know how much I miss you guys
    CA: Oh we know that. We know that. The quicker we get Caylee, the quicker you'll get home too,but...
    KC: Oh, I know
    CA: But Casey, see if they dont find her, theyre trying... theyre gonna build a case against you honey.
    KC: They've already...thats what they've been doing.I know thats the other two detectives main goal and they're building a case ...
    [video goes ff]
    CA: You saw Raquel and Jennifer?
    KC: Oh, wow, uhm easily a month and a half, 2 mths ago maybe
    [video rewinds ]
    KC: There was never a middle name that I remeber seeing on anything.And I know she went by both last names. She always has, since she was younger. Since her mom remarried....
    CA: So Florez- Gonzales
    KC: Fernandez-Gonzales
    CA: But you dont know....Fernandez Gonzales...?
    KC: I think her dads first name is Victor. Her stepdad.Or that could be her real dad, but I remember her saying Victor.
    CA: So Victor and Gloria are her parents?But they're seperated, or divorced?
    KC: They are as of now, yes.Tthat was her step dad. But I know she has alot of money. Thats where she got her car from.
    CA: So Victor is her stepdad?
    KC: Thats her stepdad
    CA: So his last name would be... His last name would'nt be gonzales then.
    KC: I think it would actually be Fernandez because as far as I know from spanish names, what I know is that its the fathers first name then the mothers last name
    CA: But victor is the stepdad, right?
    KC: She has his last name, and her mothers last name
    CA: Oh, he adopted her?
    KC: He adopted her.Yeah he legally adopted her, yes. Where, I'm not sure.
    CA: Ok, you dont know where hes living? Now ..I.. though you said zanny has a sister...
    KC: Zannys sisters name is Samantha. Its the whitest
    name possible. They have different dads
    CA: And you dont know what her last name is?
    KC: No I dont
    CA: And you said shes, Samantha's a student?
    KC: She was a student at UCF,yes, but I dont....I cant remember her last name. I know she was within the last 12 months..
    CA: Is she older or younger?
    KC: Older
    CA: By a couple of years or...
    KC: Roughly a year, a year and a half
    CA: Ok, alright babe. I think ...is there anythong else you can think of?
    KC: Uhm,
    CA: Did zanny ever talk about taking caylee to the beach, or doing anything?
    KC: She told me that they went out to Coco a couple of different times
    CA: With Caylee?
    KC: With Caylee. Remember all the places I was telling you about?
    CA: Uh-ha. Yes.
    KC: Those were all the places that I've been told that they've been.
    CA: Ok
    KC: I've told lee that. He needs to talk to you and get a list of places.Those are...its a good start
    CA: The ones that have been in the last month?
    KC: Yes
    CA: Ok, ok. uhm...boat. Is there any story they went out on a boat?
    KC: That was a story I had been told, yes.Was I there....no.
    CA: Ok, and you dont know who...she could be with?
    CA:Hmmm. ok. Could Jeff... ever look preppy looking?
    KC: Yes thats how he always dressed. He was very preppy
    CA: Do you ever think he would have worn ... a horn rim glasses or something?
    KC: To the best of my knowledge hes never worn glasses
    CA: Ok
    KC: But he would primarily wear like, reasonably tight, fitted jeans, with polo shirts and things nice. He always dressed really nicely.
    CA: Ok, and you dont... you dont know where is.... Jeffs sisters last name or anything?
    KC: Her married name no. I cant think of it off hand
    CA: ok.
    KC: Oh, man...[pause]
    CA: And what about Zannys room mates?
    KC: Uhm, I havent heard anything from either of them, but I've given everyone names, if you want to write down their names as well...I've already given them to the police which they never did anything with.
    CA: What was...
    KC: Raquel, Raquel is the first one. R-A-Q-U-E-L
    CA: Ok
    KC: Last name is Farrell. F-A-R-R-E-L-L
    CA: Now who worked for the ABC company? Distribution.
    KC: Jennifer. Jennifers her second roomate. Raquel supposedly worked there for a short time there herself.
    CA: But you dont know when?
    KC: I dont know when.Jennifer,I know had worked there within the last year
    CA: Its the ABC distribution catalogue, right?
    KC: Yes
    [long pause]
    CA: But you dont know Jennifers last name?
    KC: Jennifers last name is Rosa
    CA: R-O-S-A. And when was the last time you saw Raquel and Jennifer?
    KC: A while, uhm, easliy a month and a half, two months ago, maybe.
    CA:For both of the....are they still roomates?
    KC: I have no idea
    CA: Ok, but they're both from this area?
    KC: They've at least lived in this area. I dont know where they are outside of this
    CA: Ok [sigh] Ok. You dont know wher Raquel worked?
    KC: No. I know that she was a student. She had served at a couple of different resteraunts
    CA: But you dont know what restaraunt?
    KC: She said Fridays- I dont know which one
    CA: Local?
    KC: I dont know. It couldve been local.Or it couldve been somewhere else. There was never anything specific.
    I know that they each came from families with a decent amount of money, which is why they didnt have to have substantial jobs.
    CA: 'K
    KC: So is there anything else that Dad can think of?
    CA: Ok, uhm,[looking at something written down + talking to ga about something .Says 'you stink' to ga?]
    CA: I'm sorry nothing(to kc) alright.
    KC: You dont have to apologise.Its good to actually see you guys smile a little bit.
    CA: [laughs]...Dad was out sweatin'... working doing fliers and stuff. I had to..
    KC: He stinks? I havent showered in two days [laughs]
    CA: We got a flat tire on the way, getting of the expresway. My tire went flat.
    KC: [smiling] Hey guess what? That happened to me!! [laughing]
    CA: Yeah, so ..[serious now] Do you know that Trenton Ducketts father has been helping us?
    KC: Jose actually told me that he had contacted you
    CA: Yeah he's been helping us
    KC: Thats what I've been told which is good, I guess. He's maybe a very resourceful person
    CA: Did they tell you how much the reward was for finding Caylee?
    KC: No
    CA: Can you imagine?
    KC: Oh, well I havent heard anything of this so...
    CA: Well I think its over 225,000 dollars
    KC: Jesus Christ. Thats half my bond!
    CA: Well alot of people want that little girl found.
    KC: Good.The more people the better.Everybody should want her back
    CA: Casey, I just want you to know theres alot of people helping. I only get one or two phonecalls a day, that are you know, not nice phone calls. And I get many, many phonecalls, and people reaching out. They believe in you, and they believe in us finding Caylee.Ok? So keep your head up high, and if you can think of anything....
    KC: Oh, I wont hesitate to let you guys know.
    CA: You cant be afraid, casey. Of anybody. You've gotta get that strength from me and your dad. And your brother. I know you have it in you, ok?
    KC: [nodding head-trying to cry]
    CA: You need to get that strength from inside you,and do not feel like someone can hang anything over you, anything of us, or threaten us, because, well, you have said you're protecting your family. You dont need to protect your family. This familys been through alot
    KC: [sniff] I know
    CA: You know we love you very very much
    KC: I love you too.
    CA: Here... your dad wants to say something too.
    GA: We were just having an analogy of our family. Think of me as the thumb..
    [kc laughing]
    GA: Think of that the next finger is your mom. Think of that. She likes to point, just like Caylee [kc laughing] and the next finger is.....
    KC: Yeah maybe the middle finger
    GA: And think that the next finger after that is gonna be , and then you. And that little pinkie, is Caylee [kc crying]
    So look at your hand and think 'this is us'.And this is the family that love each other and cares, and needs to be together, and we're, we're missing two fingers.
    KC: I'm still here.
    GA: As silly as it sounds, we have you here, we know you're here, but its not the same.
    KC: I know its not the same.Just like I have you guys with me, but its not the same [cries again]
    GA: I'll tell you that during everything thats happened so far, there was alot of hard decisions to make and we're trying to find out little girl, we're trying.
    KC: I know you are
    GA: I mean all of us have have experienced alot of different things. We've asked so many questions . We went on emotions and , but I mean, if theres anything at all you want to share, you know......
    [CA starting to hyperventilate]
    GA:.... you gotta share it. You know, write it down. You know, I mean, I know mr baez is working in your best interests, but you know...let me ask you...
    KC: You know my number 1....
    GA: Would you be interested in talking to like an FBI guy, or something?
    KC: Anyone that you guys want to bring in, I'll talk to.
    GA: Ok, well thats true,well thats good news. Here's mom again [passes phone to CA]
    CA: Yeah, well is it the local police that you don't feel comfortable to?
    KC: Oh, its just the...
    CA: Or is it just the 'authority' in general
    KC: Its those two specific.Its uhm, Adems, and Melich now the happy wells...melich....
    CA: You mean Allen?
    KC: Yeah, sorry John Allen, and Melich
    CA: Oh, ok.
    KC: The other guy that came to the house. You remember he went by the name of 'happy'? His last name is Wells
    ca: Happy Wells. You wanna talk to him?
    KC: I would rather speak to him than any of the detectives.
    CA: Would you speak to him with Jose? Or would you speak to him by yourself, or what?
    KC: I would speak to him alone.....with Jose. It doesnt matter.He's... we had alot of conversations when I sat up in the room that day. At the lobby of the sheriffs dept
    CA: Well
    KC: Probably for a good three, almost four hours.And happy and I sat there and conversed. He was very...very concerned with Caylee. wanting to find Caylee. That was his priority
    CA: Ok
    KC: He's someone that I feel very comfortable talking to
    CA: Ok. Well if we can get that arranged today, you would talk to him?
    KC: Oh, I would absolutely talk to him. But he's someone I feel would go out of his way to help you guys.
    CA: Now is he a detective, or a deputy?
    KC: Oh, uhm, thats a good question. I know that he works within
    CA: Was he at the house?
    KC: He was the other guy that came to the house with
    CA: Which one?
    KC: He was the bigger guy that wasnt wearing glasses that came to the house. the one that 2 gentlemen came to pick me up fromthe house on wednesday morning,
    CA: Oh, I dont know.
    KC: He was one of the two that came to the house
    CA: Ok
    KC: See if dad remembers him?
    CA: Ok
    KC: But they called him Happy. I know his last name was Wells, I know that,
    CA: Ok, well we could probably get that arranged, cause they're wanting to talk to you kc.
    KC: Yeah. I dont want to talk to someone thats gonna tell me I'm lying, and belittle me with what I tell them.I need someone who will take the information that I'm giving them...
    CA: Ok, listen, we're gonna leave when it gets to 5mins so me and dad can get out before the media knows. They're gonna try to get us out that door. So I want you to know when that goes, we're gonna be leaving quickly.
    KC: Ok
    CA: But I'm gonna try to work on happy wells for you today, if we can
    KC: That would be great
    CA: Now, do.... I dont know if you should do it alone, or have your attorney there?
    KC: Thats up to you guys. I'm leaving that up to your discretion
    CA: Well I think you should have your representation, ok?
    KC: Thats fine
    CA: Is there anything else that you need? That you want us to do or say, or look ....any thing what do you need from us?
    KC: I told lee look locally. look locally check places that we're familiar with, that we know
    CA: You're sure?
    KC: You know, its not gonna hurt to look. I dont know where you guys have posted things for Caylee... if you've been able to post pictures or things like that...
    CA: She said that guy... [talking to GA] ...dad wanted to know if there was a female officer, but this guy happy wells, you've already connected with.
    ~continues next post~
  6. butwhatif?

    butwhatif? Well-Known Member

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    July 25th 2pm visit continued .....

    KC: Oh,most definately. Ask Dad if he remembers. He was one of the two guys that came to pick me up wednesday morning
    [CA asks GA]
    CA: Ok, ok, we'll get that. Ah, ok.
    KC: Oh, God, just remember who much I love you guys
    CA: We know that. We know that. We'll get...the quicker we get caylee back, the quicker you'll get home too.
    KC: Oh, I know that
    CA: But Casey, if we dont find her. They're, you know ... they're trying to build a case against you.
    KC: They've already...Thats what they've been doing. I know thats the other two detectives main goal.
    CA: I know and thats why I'm so frustrated because...
    KC: Thats why I'm frustrated. Thats why I dont want to speak to either of them.. its not gonna do any good. I...
    CA: Well, we'll make it happen with this other person. And like I said if we could get an outside source like the FBI to talk to you..
    KC: If you can get someone from outside thats fine.Bring in whoever, by any means.
    CA: Ok.
    KC: You and I are on the same page. We'll do whatever necessary
    CA: Ok, alright honey, I believe that.
    KC: I just want her back
    CA: I know you do
    KC: Oh, God.
    CA: You have to keep... keep positive feelings casey.
    KC: Oh, I know. I have been. I've been staying as positive as I can
    CA: Do you think that after this long, she would still be local?
    KC: Theres a possibility
    CA: Whats your gut telling you right now?
    KC: My guts telling me that she's ok
    CA: Ok, and your gut tells you that she's close or hiding..
    KC: She's not far. I know in my heart she's not far. I can feel it
    CA: Ok, ok. Well we'll see if we cant get a sketch artist ,happy, and maybe even get the fbi to come talk you.
    KC: Have you talked to Ryan? Has he got any leads on anything in Jacksonville.
    CA: I havent spoke with him in several days, I dont know if Lee has or not. I kinda havent really reached out to many people, uhm, except for your immediate friends here.
    KC: Well Ryan is, definately again, one of those people you should talk to
    CA: I know. Well I had before, but there wasnt really much to tell him. But like Corey and Shaun and Chris, and all those guys. They feel connected with me to get to you. Because they I think they see you in me, and me in you
    KC: Oh definately. Those are guys that I have a long history with. I've known them for eight, nine years.
    CA: They're doing everything they can, casey, to help find Caylee and they know that you havent done anything.
    KC: Oh, I know. Those are my big brothers. Outside of Lees friends, they're just my other boys.
    CA: They're just confused like we all are and Jose said that you said everything would make sense, once we found Caylee
    CA: Well yeah. Once you have someone that you can talk to that you can get a real explanation from, that knows where shes been, and its gonna have to make sense at that point. Once we get Caylee, everything else will figure itself out.Meaning for himself, but as far as where shes been . Whats been going on with her...
    KC: Do you know what we're looking at as far as time?
    CA: Yeah we're getting pretty close to the end
    KC: Well just tell Lee that I love him and
    CA: Your brother has been a rock for all of us. He's been... You just dont know what this family has pulled together for you
    KC: I've been hearing it from some of the officers. They've been telling me. They said that Lees the one thats cordinating most everything. And hearing about it the other day, i'm sorry. It just I know.
    CA: Its unconditional love darlin...

    [ca and ga make a hasty exit.]

    ~ End of video and visit ~
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  8. Whisperer

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    Thank you for all your work. Has everyone noticed KC never has a thought of her own. Did you notice how she used all of her brother's thoughts and words and knitted them into the conversation with her parents. I have been observing this from the very first video. She is a sponge. Her parents never caught onto her game...EVER! amazing..

    KC is empty inside. She needs people for supply for her brain. She mimics them and takes their words as her thoughts..quite a system to observe.

    When she was talking to the FBI that day and she was explaining how she is sure Caylee is alive ( using hand gestures, etc). That was Cindy that used those words to her once before.

    Has anyone been told if that syringe at the buriel site belonged to ICA? If so, where did she get it?.
  9. RSDhoping for a cure

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    This really stands out to me. ICA told the truth here to JB, everything will make sense when Caylee is found. ICA immediately changes subject though when CA brings it up.

    Snipped from original post:

    CA: They're just confused like we all are and Jose said that you said everything would make sense, once we found Caylee
    CA: Well yeah. Once you have someone that you can talk to that you can get a real explanation from, that knows where shes been, and its gonna have to make sense at that point. Once we get Caylee, everything else will figure itself out.Meaning for himself, but as far as where shes been . Whats been going on with her...
    KC: Do you know what we're looking at as far as time?
  10. surfinsue1029

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    What does this mean from above:

    CA: We,we forgive anything that you have said....or done
    KC: Oh...[takes phone away from ear] hang on..can we turn the volume down a ,yeah you can probably hear it. My heads gonna exploooode.(giggle) [talking to warden]
    KC: I havent said anything, dont worry

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