2008.07.30 My Jail visit transcript GA & CA

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    Heres a copy of the transcript I made for this date (including my own personal observations).
    **Disclaimer: This is my own interpretation of the conversations. It may not be an accurate representation of what was actually said.**

    July 30th visit with George and Cindy video 1:

    july 30th visit with george and cindy

    CA: ???????
    [ KC grinning as she sits down and sees the a's]
    KC:this is not gonna be easy [to herself] hehehe
    CA:goodmorning honey
    KC: goodmorning [singsongy]
    CA: how are you doing?
    KC: good. i'm a little tired but good.
    CA: Can you see our shirts?
    KC: uhm.yeah Can you..Can dad to stand up and model again
    CA: stand up dad [to GA] CAn you see her?
    KC: oh wow thats good.[underwhelmed]yeah. thats really good.
    CA: annie had those done
    KC: annie had those done? she's awesome
    CA:annie had these done, isnt she awesome?
    KC: tell annie thankyou . yeah. tell her thankyou
    CA: we just got em last night
    KC: cool [shrugging shoulders]
    KC: so...... [uncomfortable pause]huuuuh...[big sigh]
    CA: whats going on baby?
    KC: nothin. uhm, didnt get to sleep really the night before so i was catching up on that last night. i think i passed out at like, 7:30. woke up maybe twice in the middle of the night, passed back out and woke up at5:15, 5:20, when breakfast CAme thismorning. so i at least got a good sleep last night.
    CA: thats goood.[gritting teeth]
    KC: so i'm still a little tired. [laughs]uhm......oooohhhh
    CA: it was good to see you yesterday [flat]
    KC: yeah you too [ high pitch] i mean i know i missed our visit in the morning but at least i got a chance to see you in person which you know is a little bit better anyway, so........hows dad doin'?
    CA: he's ok. i'll let you say hi to him hun.
    KC: ok
    GA: hey beautiful.its papa jo
    KC: hi! [v. high pitch]
    GA: how you doing
    KC: i'm good [laughs]
    GA: thats good. i'm so glad to...to hear your voice
    KC: yeah..i know- likewise.
    GA: and to see you right now...and....you know it makes me feel very good.so even the chance to see you yesterday even for a brief moment is just a little ways but i want you to know i love you and i miss you.
    KC: oh, i know, i love you too [high pitch]
    GA:the house..the house is very quiet
    GA:you know with you not being there and Caylee notg being there its just empty.
    KC: i know......uhm.....
    GA: it gets harder and harder each day, Case.
    KC:trust me i know. each day gets longer. what, its wednesday? so its been two weeks.
    GA:i just want you to know the outpouring of friends and just total... people we've never met before in our lives that are...they're touched by everything, you know? and everyones focus is you know , for Caylee and that just says so much about...about her.
    KC: yeah. i just wish that , you know, outside our family and our friends and our community that there was more people, you know more people that are directly involved with the Case. that their focus is was Caylee
    GA: well, thats what.. we try to keep everyone, you know, in that particular mindset, you know. its, you know, tonns of questions about you but we try to redirect that to finding our granddaughter, your daughter, so..
    KC: oh, i know, i know that thats your focus... and i'm glad
    GA: so i just want you to know that we're not going in any direction , its a direction to find her... you know...we just need as much help as we can get
    KC: oh absolutely. and you know that i'm gonna give you whatever help i CAn from where i'm at, considering the situation, so
    GA: good .people from, you know, from the east side of town, the west side of town, the north , south... miles and miles away, are calling,so our
    KC: dad.. lee was telling me about the charities and stuff that your directly involved with uhm...
    GA: theres a lot of [uninteligible]. this week you know up in daytona
    KC: thats something he was telling me about, yeah.
    GA: theres a [rescue?] organistaion that wants to do a benefit for her, you know,for the other missing children, you know
    KC: that great.
    GA: its outpouring of something....here mom want to talk [passes phone to cindy]
    KC: ok....hey![to CA]
    CA: hey sweetie. people maGAzine's doing a feature on missing children
    KC: uha
    CA: and Caylees gonna be on the cover on friday.
    KC: ok yeah i remember you had said something about that
    CA: yeah well, it was finalised, we havent seen it yet but he said its comin out on friday.
    KC: ye-ah
    CA: so that'll hit alot of news stands and get her picture out in places that we might not be able to do
    KC: good, i mean. huh!...god!.....everyday i just
    CA: is there any....?

    KC: mom! we're .... we're not talking...we cant!
    CA: no, no, no, no, no, i knowthat part. . im just wondering if theres anythng else you want me to tell Caylee cause everybody s, you know i always get an opportunity to speak to the media. isthere anything you want me to say to Caylee, any new thoughts or anything?
    KC: just tell her that i love 'er andthat i miss her i means thats a constant
    ~ long pause~
    KC: ahhhhh. i'm being as strong as i can considering the situation. its just hard.its just very hard [voice breaking + sniffing]
    CA: i know. i can understand
    KC: god. i just wanna go home!![really crying]everyday i wake up, i'm just hoping and praying that i get to go home.[sniff] i just wanna be with you guys and i just wanna help find her....because i feel a little hopeless, a little helpless here, i mean, honestly, not really hopeless, but more helpless because i cant do anything from where i'm at
    CA: is there anything i can do for you that would make you feel like your doing something? is there anything special you want me to do......on your behalf?
    KC: just keep doing what youre doing. i mean i heard that you were on larry king last night. i'm sure that went..... well. he's a very insightful person [sniff]
    CA: holly went on nancy grace last night.
    KC: did she?
    CA: yes, i could hear, she was in the room next to me
    CA: she' was tough. she's a tough lady. she loves you. she loves you very much.
    KC: i know she does. she always has. i know that[high pitch]
    CA: when i got a chance to talk to lee the other day he was telling me about everybody's involvment, especially holly and fred and you know that much in our community . which you know it was good because theyre our extended family
    CA: annie...annie and corey and becky and just everyones helping out.
    KC: good.
    CA: doing everything that they can. i got to see lauren the other night/
    KC: did you? how was she?
    CA: at the house.
    KC; what...do you know what the baby is?
    CA: its a boy. shes gonna have a boy
    KC: heh
    CA:i gave her belly a little kiss [KC starts crying] i got a CArd from her and andy for you....i CAn get em to you. we'll get em to you ok?
    KC: yeah i knew she was gonna have a boy. i just ,could feel it. i had a dream about her the other night
    CA: she's, she's starting to show. she's really cute.
    KC: oh, man i want to see her [still sniffing]
    CA: she loves you very much
    KC: i know [crying]
    CA:she loves you very much
    ~ KC crying ~
    CA: everybody, uhm, everybody is helpin'. in their own way. chris corsuss stopped by last night
    KC: did he?
    CA: to tell you that he loves you...
    KC: those are my big brothers, i know [sniff]
    CA: so....
    KC: every day i'm worried about grandma. how's she?
    CA: uhm...
    KC: is there any change?
    CA: i havent had a chance to talk to her. i've emailed her. its very hard casey, uhm...
    KC: i know
    CA: its very emotional, and, and its just very hard. and i just i know that uncle dans taking could care of her
    KC: oh, uncle dans been up. ok.
    CA: i believe so...
    KC:[sniff] ohhhhh, god!......its just....my heart is aching, because i just wanna be back with our family...huh. at least in my gut, every day,stronger and stronger . i know we're gonna see Caylee. i know she's coming home. i can feel it.
    CA: i want her home now.
    KC: i want you to know that. i know i want her home now
    CA: i want her home so we can celebrate her third birthday....
    KC. i know.
    CA: as a family again
    KC:i know. uhh....everyday i can feel it mom. i know that i'm gonna be home with you guys . i know she's gonna be home with us....huh...everyone just has to keep that faith beCAuse mines growing stronger every day [sniff]
    CA: have you been to speak with a pastor, or minister or anything?
    KC:uhm, [laughs], its kinda funny. one day last week i was supposed to be going to see jose. normally we meet in one of the rooms, its just outside our dorms....and, theres two people sitting at this table where thaey sat me down, and i'm thinking, 'this isnt my attorney, coincidently, it was, you know the two people that work here for the church and all of that and we sat down and had a little conversation while we were waiting to get stuff sorted out, to find outwhere jose was, and he told me a little story, uhm. at that moment i mean, it was exactly what i needed. it lifted my heart. it lifted my spirit.
    CA: what was the story ? CAn you share it?
    KC ...yeah, uhm, he was telling me that one night you know he went to bed and he had a very heavy heart and couldnt figure out why. and he woke up in the middle of the night and he was in the closet, and just waking up in the closet and not knowing how he got there, or why he got there, and just started laughing, and just kept laughing, and the more he laughed he said was cracking himself up to the point where he forgot what was ailing him. what was bothering him at that time and his heart lifted. and it made him feel better and we're just in there having a great laugh about it. and you know he even told me that laughter is one of those things that can get you out of whatever you're feeling...even at your lowest point.
    CA: well laughter...
    KC: and its true.
    CA:is just as therapeutic as crying
    KC: oh of course.
    CA: andyou know...its...
    KC : its neccessary.
    CA: you know,you cant feel guilty for laughing,you cant feel guilty for having, you know, thoughts of other things. i know your consumed with Caylee...you know...
    KC: but i do need to keep myself distracted, and that night, it was just before i saw jose, i mean it happened for that reason. i mean i everything happens for a resason i know that, i was talking to a couple of people about that yesterday. every that i ended up talking to...i mean yesterday was the most nuts morning you can believe. i mean they woke me up at 4.30 to take me to the courthouse which i knew i didnt have to be there until the afternoon, and i'm thinking why are they getting me four and a half hours earlier than they did last time.
    CA: well, they just wanted to keep you out of everybodys.....
    KC:no, no, no, no, no. not even! they though thought that i had morning, so i'm walked down with another person, they put her in holding, whatever and i take my first ride over to the courthouse and we arrive at like 6:45, and.....theres no room for me, because i have to be by myself, aGAin, and so they sent me back here. and i came back here, until you know, about 9-9:30, in the meantime witnessed something else that was just.... very enlightening to me ,throughout the morning............and get back to the courthouse again and its the same people that were there the prior week when we had gone for the bond hearing. so they knew me by name.uhm kinda made me smile-made me laugh. Cause it was a couple of really nice ladies that took CAre of me, in a sense
    CA: right, right.
    KC:uhm ,(u/i) of yesterday , i kind of expected that, so it didnt bother me so much . i just....was kinda worried about ..obviously our conversations, so we have to keep everything as quiet as possible. which is fine, i'd rather talk about other stuff as much as we can anyway. uhm...had a little laugh about that with the two guys that walked me back out because one of them was the same guy from the week before, and it was like, de jeau vous, you know within all of that time, and it just made me smile, made me laugh. seeing you guys both there yesterday...i know i was supposed to see you both in the morning- that made me even happier to see you both, to hear dad, in person...to see you in person, even though we didnt get a chance to, to speak
    CA: right
    KC: but that felt....so much better in my heart [voice breaking] because at least then you werent far away, right now,you know now theres so much between us...and yesterday ...that made me feel better. you know and coming back here i rode on one of their vans 3 times yesterday, so i got a little field trip, so it was kind of nice to be out of this atmosphere and be gone all day. granted i only had the hours of sleep that night or going into it, just because of things going on here. but i mean, in a way it was kind of uplifting. it just kinda put alot of stuff back into perspective. not that my perspective's been fautered or has wavered in any sense, but it just , it kinda showed me some things about myself, about you know, whats going on in the world outside, which is what i needed.
    CA: right
    KC:uhm, you know and again,to see you both was probably the most important thing of the day....so. i'm glad you guys got a chance to come. i know you guys probably didnt hear about the court until last minute which was, i hadnt either.
    CA: we didnt hear about it until we were here waiting for our, waiting for you yesterday, and they said you were already been taken out of ther.
    CA:we were sitting here at an empty screen..
    CA: wondering where you were at, so
    KC: where...yeah, well i was really hoping that someone would relay the message to you. and again, i didnt even know about it until 10:30 the night before.
    CA: right
    KC: so it was kind of a hey real quick we're going to court tomorrow. so i'm thinking , alright. great, at least i got a chance to showerethe night before [laughs].........uhm, so.......anyway...
    CA: well your dads over here shakin wanting to talk to you so...
    KC: i know he is. i saw you pushing his hand [laughs]
    CA: well because you were telling me a story and i wanted you to be able to do that
    KC: i know. i appreciate it [laughs]
    CA: ok honey, hold on
    KC: ok.
    GA: grandma and grandpa anthony send their best to you
    KC: how are they doin?
    GA:ah, theyre not doing too well. grandpa has, ah...he's had some episodes and has had to take a lot of extra medication
    KC: ok
    GA: and she's almost had to, i call, i guess the paramedics
    KC: huhhhhh
    GA: for the last two or three days almost everyday
    KC: aha.
    GA: so i just wanted to let you know that this is kinda taking a toll on them
    KC: [sharp intake of breath, or big sniff]
    GA: you know they want the best for you and they want the little girl to come back. and theyre apologising , because , you know, they felt like they werent around enough for her and stuff
    KC: [laughs]
    GA: and i've explained to them , you know its that.. that they got , you know to see her, you know when they physically could.
    KC: ye-ah exactly they got to spend time with her. it's not like they just saw her once when she was a baby. i mean they got to see her even more interactively as shes gotten older.
    GA:well you know , anytime i even talk to them, before all this stuff happened, they always ask, you know number one is just , you know, ' hows Cylee' , then hows casey... hows mom?
    KC: ye-ah
    GA:hows lee? you know there very many times when they never even ask about me you know?
    GA: they were always concerned about you know, you and her.
    KC: oh, i know. i mean....
    GA: and it was genuine
    KC: uh, of course ....... huhhhhhhhhh!
    GA: but, you know, i just want you to know that..that we, we miss you a lot
    KC: i know. i miss you guys too [siffing]. trust me...you have... you have no idea...
    GA: i wish i couldve been a better dad and a better grandpa
    KC: dad....god, i CAnt say this enough to you. you've done everything that you possibly can and you have been the best father, and by far the best grandfather, that i have ever met. i'm gonna say that, and i mean that with all my heart. [sniff]. dont for a second think otherwise, because i wont let cause thats not the case. you and mom have always done everything you ever CAn to be the best parents, and especiallyt the best grandparents.....so.
    GA:......the house you know that we live at- she lives at. you know that you guys' home
    KC: and we're coming home [sniff] and we're all gonna be back there. we're all gonna be home together.
    GA: ok
    KC: you guys just need to...to have strong faith....just keep believing that because its gonna happen. i can feel it. i was telling mom that. i mean, i can feel it more everyday. so i dont want, you know, you guys not to eat, not to sleep. i want...take care of mom please. she needs to eat. she keeps taking about me getting too skinny and you know i've always been this way. she needs to take care of herself. i dont want to see anything happen to anybody
    GA: well, you know
    KC: especially because of this.
    GA: well, you know it goes both ways i mean i'm eating food i never eaten or even thought of eating before
    KC: [laughs]
    GA : still thats just ..thats nutrition .you just gotta keep your thoughts strong
    KC: oh i have been, dad, i have been
    GA:you gotta have faith in everything... ...thats... all this is just gonna sort itself out ,its gonna be hard but i want you to realise is, that the way things are going is, is... that how the pictures are painted is
    ...its a little bit tough, you know, so.....
    KC: i dont want to say its par for the course, but again, i mean it kinda is what it is at the moment, and theres only so much that we can all do. i just want you guys to keep your focus where its been..thats where its important.
    GA:that..that..that focus is more than100%. not only from us, but people...like i said ,we havent even met before...just friends, and its just really something you know? its just been just fantastic.
    KC: well that just shows that the media that although they're portraying something , people will within their own strong mind believe otherwise. know otherwise. and thats whats important

    ~ continues next post ~
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    ~ Jail visit continued ~
    GA: is there.. is there anyone you want us to contact that you want to talk to?
    KC:uhm....i'd really like to talk to ryan, just because it was kind of brief .uhm..i want to talk to annie, i want to talk to everyone, but again i'd rather wait and do that when i can see everyone in person and not have other faces and other peoples rights violated by being thrown all over the media. i mean that something very discerning to me. i mean you guys are already in the media, so in a way, i mean, it still bothers me, but not quite as much. because i know if there anyone to speak for me, its the two of you and lee. so that, i'm more than ok with. i really want you to both thank annie for me. i mean ,i know how much shes always cared, but this shows that much more. and i missed two visits just yesterday. i dont really know who they were for , who they were with but i declined last night just because of court and things of that nature and i kinda just needed to keep to myself. i'm glad i went to bed early.
    GA: oh, well thats good. here mom wants to talk to you again.
    CA: i love you [ crying]
    KC: ha.. i know
    CA: i want you both home so badly casey [ really, really crying] i'm trying to stay so strong for you..[u.i]
    KC: and you've done such a great job, mom. i want you to know that. you have. everybodys said that. everybody tell me that everyday
    CA: i'm trying so hard, but its getting harder everyday
    KC: you have to stay strong as strong as you can mom. you have to. i know its hard......trust me. i know i know better than anybody right now
    CA: i know you do [still crying]
    KC: you have to keep your strength as much as you can
    CA: i know
    KC: youre doing so great
    CA: i know cause she's gonna need us when she comes home, and then youre gonna need us when you get home.
    KC: i'll be fine. i'm fine now because i have you guys
    CA: i knowwww.
    KC: i have you guys even if its not in physical form at the moment...i have your love and support. i have everything that i neee....
    CA: she doesnt see us, she doesnt see us
    KC: i know. she's gonna need all of us so we need to be strong. you need to take care of yourself. i was just telling dad, like i told lee, you need to eat. you need to sleep
    CA: this persons not gonna hurt Caylee is she casey? [ still crying]she's not gonna hurt Caylee is she?
    KC: no. i told you in my gut [crying?] i know she's still ok.i CAn feel it mom. i know she's still ok. [sniff]

    ~ end of video 1 ~

    Video # 2....
    KC: we're gonna get our little girl back and she's gonna be just as she was.
    CA: i'm never lettin' anybody
    KC: no , nooo
    CA: outside of family to touch her again
    KC: trust me, i've said the same thing. that i'm gonna be the crazy over-protective mom at that point. but i dont CAre. i think its well what ..well deserved
    CA: you've always been a protective mommy
    KC: yeah. well like i said the crazy m i wont let her out of my sight. so i'll do whatever i have to. we'll figure it all that out when it comes to it. we'll figure out....i mean i've been thinking about jobs and schedules and what i can do. you know, how i can...
    CA: you dont have to work...
    CA: you dont have to work you can stay at home and watch her
    KC: we'll figure all that stuff out. we can work anything out but i want it tooverlap to when we can all have our time. and all be with her. i mean, she's not just my little girl she's...i mean she's my baby....she'll always be my baby but she'll always be your baby, and dads baby. and lees baby. she's our little girl. i've used dads hand analogy with a few people
    CA: oh , yeah.
    KC.. and they've smiled, and they laughed and said thats very insightful and very true that we're all like a hand. i used that a couple of different times i said it a few ladies yesterday and it made them smile. and you know its funny for a mother...
    CA: talk to the hand. remember that saying?
    KC: [laughs] pretty much. we're stronger than we've every been. we'll, eh... sh...in our strength we'll continue to grow....tell dad to breathe. its ok.[laughs]
    CA: casey says to tell you to breathe [to GA]
    KC: remember i can see you- i know. [laughs]
    CA: its very hard casey
    KC: i know it is mom. you guys are on the right side to find CAylee and thats whats important,. thats...thats everyones focus. its what it should be
    CA: and i know your doing everything you can from your end to protect.. you know, to say what you can say to protect what you need to protect
    KC: i'll continue to do whatever i have to...and you know try to say what i can, when i can.as i can. ...as soon as i get out of here
    CA: CAn i ask you a question.?
    KC: yeah
    CA: did you...did you ever get to write any letters , cause we havent gotten any yet.
    KC: i... because of the certain circumstances which i am in here...i have a limited time so thats why the note i sent with jose that was really the first chance i had gotten
    CA: ok.
    KC: so i'm gonna try to do that whenever i get my time with him. uhm, last night was kind of more of a business angle on things, but [sniff] whenever i get time to, i'm absolutely going to. even if its just a little note here and there, i mean i'll do what i can,when i CAn, so.
    KC: my face is wet and i cant even wipe myself
    CA: i still havent had a chance to call... i just remembered after our last conversation you wanted me to talk to amy and ryan and i havent had a chance to talk to them yet, so i'll reach out to them today.
    KC: yeah i think amy might've been one of those people who tried to come for a visit last night, which i was actually asleep, uhm...you know. i wanna apologise to whoever was scheduled to come. but again its just...i kinda wanna keep things
    CA: the only one that i knew was scheduled was that.. will...
    KC: was will ?
    CA: william yeah
    KC: yeah there was someone else scheduled i guess after him at nine but i declined them both. uhm, i'm declining any visits outside of family and obviously my time with jose...so if you could kinda pass that along to people...
    CA: ok
    KC: i mean, not through the media obviously which this might do anyway. uhm.. but just kinda let them know theat hey, i know that theyre all there out there doing what they can for me and for our family especially for CAylee. but you know i need to just try to keep things within our family at this point as much as possible. keep my focus there....uhm..
    CA: shhhhh
    KC: although like i said i'd like to talk to everyone, but we'll just wait and do that when i can see everybody
    CA: i know
    KC: so i guess i'm kinda glad i havent been crying everyday and i mean, inside, yeah, of course, but i'm keeping my..my witts about me and staying as strong as i possibly CAn. this is the strongest i think i ever have been because its, even when i've wanted to break down i've stopped myself quickly without doing much of that. its hard considering where i am. considering the sition. i just keep thinking about you guys and actyually thats the thing that makes it ok. that makes me feel ok about not crying and being so emotionally distraught that i cant even , you know, think straight.
    CA: i know. thats the same way with me. i mean i could curl up in a ball and just being so absorbed with her not being there, which there's moments that i'm like that, but i know thats not going to bring her home.
    KC: no! its not.
    CA: someone has to be her little voice out there
    KC: exactly...and youre not a little voice by any means [laughs]
    CA:well you know me
    CA: well, exactly. you know whats funny? i'm gonna say this and your gonna laugh and i think its hilarious. everybody always says, you guys have always said that i'm the loudest one in our family . and then its you, and then its lee and then dad. 'cause dads the quiet reserved one...we all know this. but i've been told otherwise from mutiple sources that its your son, whose the loud one. then its you, then it me. so, ha! [laughs]
    CA: well...thats alright. i dont want to be the loud one and i dont want to be the one...
    KC: oh...youre still the middle one so youre still the moderator within. thats not too bad. we know that dad will always proces things thoroughly before having some sort of reaction, or really before saying anything, he's always very choice with his words he always has been , uhm,which is good, because i think. within our family, we kinda need someone like that. cause you know... little Caylee is like ..you and i. [laughs] .....so....haaaaaaa...man! its so good to see you guys. you have no idea. like, i just want to keep saying that [voice breaking]
    CA: i know. i mean thats all we were thinking about yesterday since the thing got cancelled was at least we had today . we were gonna do it last night, but we didnt know when there'd be an opportunity, so we played it safe to do it thismorning.
    KC: well i'm glad you waited, because, you know, had you had come at even 8 oclock, you know, whenever i was already asleep, and at that point, i mean i wasnt even really asking , he was coming and i was like , look,if its not my family, just let them know that i'm not taking any visits, just beCAuse, you know.. for....obviously multiple different reasons [sniff] . its just easier, you know? i'd rather spend whatever time i can with everyone, but again , especially with you guys, so....uhm...
    [ pause ]
    CA: do you want us to make another appointment as soon as we can?
    KC: of course
    CA: ok
    KC: i'll see you guys and talk to you guys...whenever. i mean all i'm doing is sitting around reading and, excuse, me, getting a chance to nap a bit, so.
    CA: well, we'll make another one as soon as we can when we laeve her today.
    KC: ok....uhm....can you just walk up and say hey i want an appointment in like an hour or do you have to do it ahead of time?
    CA: no we have to see when they have availablility
    KC: so its based off of other people
    CA: yeah, your only allowed....youre only allowed so many ...in a week i guess.
    KC: oh ok.
    CA: so..
    KC: alright
    CA: ...as far as i know you should still have one more left this week. lee took one, and then this today and no one else i guess, has gotten to see...
    KC: yeah because i declined thiose two others, yeah, so i'm wondering if that'll through a couple more, like, back in the bank, or ....
    CA: well the media said that will cancelled it....so [george sneezes]
    KC: well hey! thats good. that fine...god bless you dad...[laughs]
    CA: oh...boy! uhm, is there anything you want me to tell lee, cause i'll be talking to him soon.
    KC: well just tell him, you know, thankyou for....for everything that he's doing. i know he's doing whatever he possibly can. you know when we had our conversation the other day, i know i helped him out as much as i could...we...we did our business and then we got a chance to talk about the charities, and everything that was going on, so i know that the three of you you are kinda doing three different things, i know everones efforts again are all focused on Caylee, and thats, thats whats important to me, know that this is happening, so uhm, thats why when i found out you were going on larry king, i was , like, well, its gonna be a good visit, i think..[ sniff ] .uhm...
    CA: well i wouldve liked to have been afforded the opportunity to talk more about Caylees situation versus having to explain, you know , the 911 tapes and
    KC: and things like that
    CA: everything else
    KC: well you know you can defer all questions. you can defer questions
    CA: but you know... its also important for people to under....
    [tape stop and restarts, louder rw, ff dvd sign]
    ~ end of video~
  4. Khaki_Pants

    Khaki_Pants Yeah, Toast!

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    Great stuff! I had actually thought of doing this. The police interviews and these jail tapes (audio and video) have been kinda a huge focus for me. I have been studying them from many different aspects and am surprised to see that my opinions of things differ so much of those I read.

    Thanks so much. Perhaps I will give one a go.

    Oh, and thanks Jbean for the link. :)
  5. OneLostGrl

    OneLostGrl I'm going against the grain- I'm going sane

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    thanks for all your hard work!!
  6. 2goldfish

    2goldfish Active Member

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    you are amazing. I couldnt stand to watch them so I hadn't seen them yet! did it drive you mad having to listen to it so much to transcribe it?!
  7. passionflower

    passionflower Just 1 tip to find a killer

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    Thanks, that is great work!
  8. BondJamesBond

    BondJamesBond Blunt Instrument

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    Thank you!

    This little snippet speaks volumes to me...

    CA: i know cause she's gonna need us when she comes home, and then youre gonna need us when you get home.
    KC: i'll be fine. i'm fine now because i have you guys
    CA: i knowwww.
    KC: i have you guys even if its not in physical form at the moment...i have your love and support. i have everything that i neee....
    CA: she doesnt see us, she doesnt see us​

    Cindy has to interrupt Casey's self-centered, all-about-me talk to remind her Casey needs to at least ACT & TALK like she gives a rip 'bout Caylee. You almost hear Cindy wanting to tell her [You're NOT FINE damnbit...your daughter IS MISSING!!!].

    Sad...very sad...:frown:
  9. Psmith

    Psmith New Member

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    I really appreciate all the hard work you have done making this transcript. Often the convo moves too fast or overlaps in the videotapes for a listener to catch everything. A really good touch here is adding the sniffs, sneezes, etc.

    My favorite most horrible quote? KC: "I know she's still ok. [sniff] We're gonna get back our little girl and she's gonna be just as she was." Geesh.

    Thank you for providing such an accurate record!
  10. Swancat63

    Swancat63 New Member

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    I was listening to this on youtube on user 3237775035's channel and heard something very interesting. At 37 secs you can hear Cindy talking before Casey sits down. She says "If she tells the truth I doubt there's any more after this". Does anyone hear this? Sorry, I don't know how to reference.
  11. Woe.be.gone

    Woe.be.gone Well-Known Member

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    After reading this jail house visit exchange today, I found myself thinking,
    'I must be nuts for ever questioning CA or GA regarding having preknowledge that something had happened to Caylee prior to July 15, 2008.

    Then I came to the following exchange -

    KC - you guys are on the right side to find Caylee and that's what's important, that's...that's everyone's focus. It's what is should be.

    CA - and I know you're doing everything you can from your end to protect.. you know, to say what you can say to protect what you need to protect.

    KC - I'll continue to do whatever I have to ... and you know try to say what I can, when I can. ...as soon as I get out of here.

    The above conversation between KC and CA with GA sitting by took place on July 30, 2008. We know how things have been since then. How can anyone explain the early cooperation among them? For the life of me, I can't wrap my brain around it. What does "you guys are on the RIGHT SIDE TO FIND CAYLEE" mean? Who talks like that?
    Is KC saying she's on the wrong side to find Caylee (we know it didn't help her to find Caylee when she was on the right side either) but that her parents are on the right side (versus being locked up too). It's as if KC is saying 'I'm the one in jail.' Why shouldn't she be the one in jail? Why state it like that to her parents? Already a united front had formed but why and how? What is missing here that holds the key to truth? Why don't the parents come down hard on her to get to the truth?

    Is there a right and a wrong side? Wouldn't anyone else say, 'well, you're not locked up in jail so you are free to look for Caylee' (we know they never did, not really). What is with this right side lingo? KC pits herself against her parents but why? Wouldn't anyone else say 'you lost Caylee, you lied to us regarding your whereabouts, you abandoned the car and it stinks, tell us what really happened' and keep saying that and keep saying that until you were blue in the face. Instead they cave in to her stories and lies, why?

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