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    No Discussions Here Please.
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    Lawyers for "nanny" Zenaida Gonzales have filed a motion blasting a private investigator who worked for both Casey Anthony's parents and defense attorney Jose Baez.
    P.I. Dominic Casey(pictured) was a no show at a recent deposition scheduled by Gonzales's lawyers. He claimed information he received while working the case is privileged.

    But lawyers for Gonzales strongly disagree saying in a four-page letter to the court that Dominic Casey is "misguided and misinformed."

    They accuse him of skirting the real issues with an "unfounded personal attack" against their firm.

    At a hearing in September, Gonzales's attorneys will ask a judge to hold the Mr. Casey in contempt of court for not showing at the deposition.

    At the same hearing, lawyers will ask the judge to force Casey's father, mother and brother to answer tough questions in the civil case depositions.

    In April, when George, Cindy and Lee were deposed, they refused to answer questions they said would affect Casey's criminal cases.

    The hearing on these matters is set for September 9th at 3:15PM.


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