2010.04.13 Theories thread as a result of the search

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I also remember Misty Stated “she was riding her bike and popping wheelies” “She was Fine Then”.

IIRC I don't recall any adult witnesses but MC/TC ...................
I do remember that GGS told Haleigh to be a good girl........
in her story.
Wonder if Haleigh was dying or dead, story made up, TN called, TC called
no one answered phone.
Everything happened way before the 911 call...........IMO
RC took his long way home buying beer, cigs and nuts to avoid the
place. (alibi)
GGS -TN were close by to make it to MH minutes after 911 call.........

no way was TN 70 miles away...........the 8x10 pix from GGS house????
I believe it was reported a neighbor heard a woman yelling/screaming that night...could that have been Misty freaking out when she realized Haleigh had died from OD? I'd have to go back to find the quote, but I do remember reading it.

TRUE IRT 2 am scream but could of just been part of the alibi act.
I think all the coverup started way earlier than 2 am.
Unless Chelsea is lying, Joe seems to be the one who was out the latest. Tommy was out of his home about 10:30 and Misty was unreachable by Ron after 8:30 or so. If Joe went to the trailer in the van or is involved then it must have been planned or he was called out later after Chelsea retired due to staying up late going through paperwork.
Something came into my mind last night, while I was trying to go to sleep. GGS admitted that she was angry that Ron had let Misty back in the house. It's also been reported that Teresa ran interference & worked towards getting her back, going so far as to offer to pay her to babysit. So, these 2 were most definantly @ odds on this. Although I toyed with the idea of these 2 being involved, I really don't think so. GGS might have lied about the time of her visit, & Teresa, feeling guilty for contributing to an explosive situation, 'covered' for Ron, but I think that's pretty much it. I think they suspect what happened, & blame Misty-but only in a roundabout way, because they know that she wasn't directly involved-but Ron was. When GGS admitted to being mad about Misty going back, my opinion was that she knew what happened, & ws frustrated that nobody followed her advice. & I would imagine that she will never forgive Teresa for interfering.
one more thing about GGS. She made the statement, (paraphrased), I was mad that he let her back in the house, but it was his house, so being mad was all I could do. That statement to me, makes this case simple. All of this stuff with Joe, machine guns, (good lord), is just smokescreen. Whatever happened, happened because of Misty & Ron. maybe the gun was involved, maybe not, but I think, (trying to keep it simple), that it boils down to Misty's wild weekend, Ron's reaction to that, extreme exhaustion, & their emotions. & I think GGS saw the explosive situation, in the making, & is bitter that Teresa interfered. I don't know what started it, maybe Ron caught Misty on the phone with WBG, or maybe Misty was really too wiped out to babysit & Haleigh got into drugs, but whatever it was, it comes right back to Ron. My opinion, only.
I don't know if Joe was involved in hurting or taking Haleigh. The short dream I got was a dish of pills, one full, one empty. So I think she got hold of them. Joe, Tommy and Misty may have been partying and maybe they gave her an oxy to get her to sleep, and she od, IDK. But the MH was staged, that has been my comment for this entire time. So if she wasn't sleeping, she now claims to know what happened, she was part of it. She helped stage the MH and dispose of Haleigh. I have to wonder if Joe left early, and Haleigh was found dead by Misty and called Tommy for help. Remember her and Ron fought, she turned off the phone. There was no laundry done, Ron said the bed wasn't slept in. Given what I see and what I "feel", I think she died of an over dose, of some kind and now Joe could be the patsy here. Just a thought running threw my head. This will be an interesting trail. Joe isn't going to want to admit he was there, let alone helped get rid of a body either.

Not sure if this has been posted … with so many threads going ... but
I thought this part was interesting in this article:

“Overstreet and his attorneys said they've told investigators everything they know. They said they talked in great detail about what happened.”

IMO he can't claim he wasn’t there or how would he be able to “talk in great detail about what happened”?

I am not sure where to post this. So I figured it would be best to put into the "theory" thread. Could it be possible that they called in all of the blood relatives in order to get a dna match for any remains that were found. This could be why the family is upset. they know that a child's remains were found, and offered their DNA for the identification of that child. moo
Can someone please tell me when Joe returned to Tennessee? I thought I had read early on that he left that night.
Can someone please tell me when Joe returned to Tennessee? I thought I had read early on that he left that night.

A picture was posted of him on here yesterday. It was taken in the DAY time, and showed him putting up posters of Haleigh with Misty behind him. He had come down there with someone else and left within a day or two to go back home as they both had planned.
What if this is true?

Ronald was up all Sunday night waiting for Misty to come home. The sources say she never did, and he finally fell asleep—and overslept. Then had to rush and race to get Haleigh to school, and presumably try to find Misty....


and this?

When she finally came in Monday morning, she slept at her father’s house nearby, Staubs tells me in an exclusive interview.


and this?

Whatever happened that Sunday night, Misty was back driving the carpool Monday afternoon..... Santos tells me, “Misty was definitely driving,” that he never saw either father or grandmother at the bus stop.


But this was not true:

I got her off the school bus. She ran to me--jumped in my arms. Drove the car home--got out-- gave me a hug and a kiss--loved on me-- told me she loved me and she'd see me when I got home....


Did our fellow Websleuth member have it nailed?

Emeralgem said:
~Respectfully Snipped~

TN wanted Misty to babysit that Monday night, and from what Lindsey has stated TN even offered to pay her...From what I can figure out seems she was also asked on Sunday but refused finally agreeing to babysit free of charge on Monday night IF it was ok with Ron C.

Am also wondering if TN took it upon herself to tell Misty it would be ok without checking with Ron C.

Witnesses have stated Misty picked up Haleigh, and it has also been stated Ron C showed up at the bus stop right after Misty drove off in the opposite direction...

I am thinking he was furious Misty picked up Haleigh and drove off in the opposite direction of the MH and he went after her...I maintain my stance whatever happened to Haleigh occurred whenever and wherever it was he caught up with Misty...JMO

I've always thought Misty possibly headed to Timmy and Chelsea's residence in Crescent City, but after Sheriff Hardy’s statement at today’s press conference:

Question: Do you think Haleigh died in this area?

Sheriff Hardy: It’s our belief that’s a very real possibility.


Could the wherever that Emeralgem referred to be 130 Magnolia Drive?
Please remind me who resides at 130 Magnolia Drive.

130 Magnolia Drive appears to be the residence of Hank Sr and Lisa Croslin at the time of Haleigh's disappearance. Hank Sr was in the hospital as a result of an auto accident and that is the address he gave to the hospital.
LE has this girl in custody, who for whatever reason, feels compelled to take every lie detector, offered up. I wonder what questions are being asked. Did you, Misty Croslin, kill Haleigh Cummings? Did Ronald, etc... Did Tommy, etc... Did Joe, etc...Do you know where Haleigh's body was placed? Do the same thing with Tommy, do the same thing with Ron. They would get some answers. I wonder why these tests don't seem to lead anywhere-except for maybe Tommy's. He's given a test, & BOOM!, all of this activity. I think they got something from his, & Misty is filling in some details. She seemed sincere enough, when she said that she really wanted an end to this, & wanted Haleigh brought home. (jailhouse tape). But is her plan to give out location facts, to get Haleigh home, but blame the wrong perp? Is Tommy doing the same? Why would Tommy admit to accompaning Joe, if it wasn't Joe? Who would he protect? If you're willing to rat out your cousin, why not your sister? or your brother in law? Is he protecting himself to hide more culpability than he's willing to admit? Has Ronald been given a test that wasn't publicized? I can't imagine him not having helpful information, even if he's innocent & really was at work, during the crime. Surely he's heard rumors. Surely he could've dragged some information out of Misty. He stayed with her for that purpose, supposedly. Surely he could've dragged information out of Tommy. They were trafficking drugs together, for crying out loud. He was around these people, day & night. Is Ronald the one talking? Is that why Marie reportedly, looked so angry? Because Ronald sat on this information, for so long?
Misty was supposedly babysitting, but she was stoned. Her creepy cousin and spooky brother arrived to steal drugs or guns. They found Haleigh and raped her on the couch. Then the predators dumped her for gator bait.
Misty was supposedly babysitting, but she was stoned. Her creepy cousin and spooky brother arrived to steal drugs or guns. They found Haleigh and raped her on the couch. Then the predators dumped her for gator bait.

And then Ron putting a rat's head into Tommy's mailbox was for.......?
I aint good with links but I recall in one of J Santos interviews (it was a voice one he was talking) with Art Harris that he stated LE said to him that he may be one of the last 4 people to see her alive.

But I will go look for the link!
Wheres that orlando guy, mistys buddy... anyone know? funny he dosnt want to come around to visit her in jail...makes me wonder if its because shes in jail and dosnt wanna get caught up or MAYBE more?
I was just reading the timeline thread that is in the Stickies Sub-Forum and noticed something. When Haleigh first went missing Misty told two different stories and I think the second story she told had a half truth in it. Misty stated in the second story that she put Junior to bed at 8:00 PM and that her and Haleigh didn't go to bed until 10:00.

I think it is true that Junior was in bed by 8:00 because this would explain why he didn't wake up during whatever happened. This also explains that if Haleigh was awake why she'd be the only child harmed. I think that something happened to Haleigh between 8:00PM and 10:pM. Everyone seems to think that maybe the bouncing of the couch that Junior saw was Haleigh being molested. What if it was actually Misty being raped and that Haleigh witnessed it happening? What if Tommy and JO wanted to get rid of her so she couldn't say what happened? Also do you think it is possible that maybe it is true about Misty having knife held to her throat? Maybe they scared her into not saying anything.
And then Ron putting a rat's head into Tommy's mailbox was for.......?

This is a message from the “Godfather” or father (Ron) to Misty, her brother and their dad. In the Godfather, the horse’s head is placed in Woltz’s bed to let him know that the Godfather was going to “get” him. In Ron’s OxyContin version, he places the dead rodent in the mailbox. (MOO)
Wheres that orlando guy, mistys buddy... anyone know? funny he dosnt want to come around to visit her in jail...makes me wonder if its because shes in jail and dosnt wanna get caught up or MAYBE more?

I thought he was Ron's best friend.
This is kind of up to interpretation but I think she is saying she called the Cummings. Maybe that is how they knew a search was going on Sunday on the river.

GRACE: Miss Hollars, in any -- in any of these scenarios did anybody ever tell Ronald Cummings what happened to his daughter?

HOLLARS: Not that I know of. I don`t think they have. Well, maybe his mom and them the other day when they was at the jail because I`ve talked to them, too.

GRACE: What did they have to say about all of this? Did they believe it?

HOLLARS: Yes, ma`am, they did.

GRACE: Are you still in touch with Misty Croslin, or has the jail cut off her phone access?

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