2011.06.15. HLN - 'In Session' News Coverage - Caylee Anthony Case

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    News Coverage - Caylee Anthony

    Note: LKB hired as HLN, 'In Session' contributor Baden will be on for duration of trial.

    Prime NewsWant to talk to Vinnie about the Casey Anthony case? Call us! Lines are open right now!!! 1-877-TELL-HLN (877-835-5456)

    Dr. Drew HLN Hello from Dr.Drew! It's time for you to submit your questions and comments for Dr. Drew's "On-Call" segment regarding the Casey Anthony trial. We'd love to have you as one of our callers.
    Just submit here http://on.cnn.com/iXQDGW and we may call you shortly.

    Issues with Jane Velez-MitchellQuestions or comments about the Casey Anthony trial? E-mail your name + phone # + comment/question to jane@cnn.com to talk to Jane live on the air!

    Nancy GraceCasey Anthony murder trial day 17! Have a question or comment for Nancy? Call RIGHT NOW: 1-877-NANCY-01
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