2011.06.30 TRIAL Day Thirty-two (Afternoon Session)

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Aug 14, 2008
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PLEASE review this forum thoroughly before posting today:

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PLEASE avoid posts that are:

- bashing the defendant's looks or grooming, in words or through visual images

- using derogatory or demeaning terms to refer to players in this case

- snarky to fellow WSers

- otherwise sending the thread off-topic.

Posters who continue to ignore the TOS or the Rules of Etiquette will find themselves on a Time Out.

If you come across a post that violates TOS or the Rules of Etiquette, or that is clearly taking the thread off-topic, the appropriate response is to hit the red triangle "Alert" button, leave a message for our mods, and move on. Please do not quote the offending post or comment upon it in any way. The mods are equipped with brooms and light sabers and will do everything in their power to make sure that WS continues to be the premier true-crime forum on the Web.

Thank you to the many posters who have helped the mods by alerting on questionable posts these last days.
Okay - are we ready to go? ICA is back in court room.

after the pet stuff I am still scooping my face off the floor... so I guess I am ready....
LDB & JB having a discussion. CM looking all relaxed and ICA is all smiles. I do NOT think ICA will testify. Everything looks too calm.

6 minutes and counting

Seems she's all smiles - but she does also seem quite nervous


Hope I don't get kicked off, I'll be saying some bad words if that happens.
The commentators on wesh are saying she won't be taking the stand...no prep during lunch, etc...no extra jail personnel as they usually have...FWIW
THs are saying Casey is looking rather tense (and she is), meaning she must be going to take the stand. Can't wait to see!
ICA doesn't look to me like she's going to testify. No blazer/gussying up at least.
ICA really does not like LDB and JB talking. Shooting him and her daggers. WOW!
I think KC looks nervous....lots of deep breaths.
Hornsby on WESH

no buildup of security at courthouse that you usually see if the defendant is going to testify
If she testifies, it will only be for very limited questions, then the State will also be limited on cross. (so say the THs on HLN)
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