2011.06.30 TRIAL Day Thirty-two (Morning Session)

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Aug 14, 2008
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PLEASE review this forum thoroughly before posting today:

:tos: [ame="http://www.websleuths.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=159"]Here they are![/ame]

PLEASE avoid posts that are:

- bashing the defendant's looks or grooming, in words or through visual images

- using derogatory or demeaning terms to refer to players in this case

- snarky to fellow WSers

- otherwise sending the thread off-topic.

Posters who continue to ignore the TOS or the Rules of Etiquette will find themselves on a Time Out.

If you come across a post that violates TOS or the Rules of Etiquette, or that is clearly taking the thread off-topic, the appropriate response is to hit the red triangle "Alert" button, leave a message for our mods, and move on. Please do not quote the offending post or comment upon it in any way. The mods are equipped with brooms and light sabers and will do everything in their power to make sure that WS continues to be the premier true-crime forum on the Web.

Thank you to the many posters who have helped the mods by alerting on questionable posts these last days.
Morning everyone, couldn't find the thread, made me nervous :)

Already have knots in my stomach :(
Anthony family attorney says all 3 Anthony's (Lee, George, Cindy) will be called to testify. #CaseyAnthony -jfell
KC doesn't appear to be dressed any different (fancier) than usual, so maybe she won't take the stand.
ICA looking very child-like today
Good morning everyone.

The inmate looks like she is wearing a testifying shirt to me! No ruffles, collar, button down...
Guess shes not taking stand. she doesnt have a special innocent outfit on! darn!
If I remember correctly it has been said repeatedly if the defendant was wearing a suit jacket today we could be sure she'd be testifying--but she isn't, she's wearing a ruffled shirt. No testimony from ICA?
George in a tie! Lee and CA there as well
good morning guys! everyone have their coffee in hand? I had to do a redo on my coffee as the first time around I forgot the grounds and made a batch of hot water!

oh my!!!

everyone have their seat belts on?
GA in shirt and tie today all three are there GA, LA, CA
KC doesn't appear to be dressed any different (fancier) than usual, so maybe she won't take the stand.

My very thought...

I think if she was they would have put her in pink, it has been found in studies that people tend to believe people more if they are wearing a shade of pink...
#CaseyAnthony Mark Lippman tells Ashton in court all three of the Anthonys will be called back to the stand today.
by amandaoberwesh via twitter at 7:48 AM
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