21st party balloons mistaken for IS terror signs

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    Sarah Ericsson's boyfriend hosted a 21st birthday party for her at his home and decorated the windows with 21 balloons. The balloons faced inwards.

    That proved important later when a whole lot of police vehicles turned up outside boyfriend Fabien Akesson's home in Karlskrona, Sweden. A neighbour had seen the balloons from outside and mistaken the backward 21 for IS - and presumed someone was celebrating the terror organization Islamic State, with glitzy decorations.

    Police didn't arrest anyone, but they did make the young couple take down all the balloons.


    Article in original Swedish: http://www.expressen.se/kvallsposten/is-propaganda-var-fodelsedagsballonger/

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    I do not think the Islamic State is the party balloon type.

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