3-28-19 SWAT team with guns drawn raids Arizona home for toddler w/fever

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    Some people believe they won't get their kids back no matter how much they cooperate OR they feel their kids will suffer through the process BECAUSE there is a lack of accountability.

    There is zero reason for total transparency of a government agency and process that has such serious outcomes.

    And as far as foster care is concerned, we've all heard of the numerous cases of children being abused and neglected in foster care. Often it's simply more of the same they endured in their homes. Far too often.

    No excuse for a lack of transparency. None.
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    @gitana1, I live in a state where ALL J&D is closed and usually not available.

    Yes, we've all heard the horror stories about foster care. What we do not hear are the wonderful stories from children that are grateful to be in a loving home. I have several friends that are foster parents and several have adopted the children, and these kids are so happy to have a normal family, go out to eat, participate in activities, and finally find love.

    We do everything to keep families together. Last year, several of us chipped in to purchase washers and dryers for the local elementary and high school. School employees and parents volunteer to wash kids clothes because they are so dirty. We do fun raisers to provide a meal to take home everyday and 8 for weekend because the parents have sold the food stamps. We buy shoes, coats, clothes, pay for ice cream, field trips, etc, so kids have some sort of normal. We provide deodorant, sanitary pads, bras and underwear.

    They have one of the best lawyers in the state, why put all this in the public? This is a high profile case, I feel sure DSS and LE are doing everything right, checking and double checking.

    I understand some parents feel they may not get their kids back, ....my question would be why? What makes the parents afraid? It should be the job of their attorney to protect the parents rights and work with the parent on a plan to restore custody. Sometimes that means parenting classes, supervision, drug/alcohol/mental health treatment, etc and some parents just don't want to do those things.

    I am "boots on the ground" in my community with kids. I'm at every event, eat lunch with the gkids at school, know which kid has needs, frequently get calls cause a child needs a coat, money for ice cream, or their parent got killed and the family needs food or a fun raiser to pay for funeral. Some kids live in a very cold, dark world.

    These children by no means are the condition of some, but there are RED flags and the kids need to be the winner every time. JMO
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    I agree with you and also want to thank you for caring.

    This case involves illness and was reported by a mandated reporter, a physician. That's all the public needs to know.

    I'm not about to second-guess a physician who was fulfilling a duty required by law. The child was taken to a hospital, was hospitalized for a serious condition and siblings were also displaying signs of illness. I applaud the "system" for working as it should. It's refreshing.

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    Here is an update on this case.

    Judge overrules state, grants parents physical custody of kids in feverish child case

    Tuesday's hearing was the first since the mother gave birth to the couple's fourth child, a baby girl.

    The parents had been concerned that if the custody case with the state lingered past the mother’s May due date, DCS would remove their newborn, too.

    Ryan started Tuesday’s hearing asking about the infant.

    “First off, how’s the baby?” Ryan said.

    The father said their 10-pound baby girl was healthy and home.

    Ryan set a pre-trial hearing for May 21 in preparation for a dependency trial to address legal custody of the three children, which the state still maintains.
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    Crossing my fingers -- I hope the folks who were on each side of the broken door will learn something from this whole thing.

    And I very much hope the parents will try to do a much better job of parenting, and that the children will be happy and healthy.
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