3rd Time Really Is A Charm!

Discussion in 'WS-BAY!' started by chrissybk, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Hi WS'ers I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday and is doing well. In the past few months I have posted about a couple of home businesses that I had tried. I honestly wasn't too happy with them for a variety of reasons.
    When I came across this newest opportunity, I was skeptical but since it is 100% free to start with no penalty if you decide you don't want to continue I decided to give it a try.
    For me the 3rd time really was a charm! I love everything about my Kitsy Lane Boutique. It is called La Bella Boutique and I get to hand pick every item I sell. This is great because I know that, like me, most people don't have a lot of money to spend on themselves or for gifts in this economy. I personally choose only the most beautiful and affordable pieces. I have a large selection of items under $15, under $20, and under $30. I also am able to give away a certain amount of coupon codes for $15 off $30 which I love!
    I also have gift cards and e-gift cards and I just added some men's jewelry, hair accessories and scarves to the boutique as well. There are some really great deals available. Then there is Jewelette. This game is kind of like Wheel of Fortune and each week the top 5 people on the scoreboard win free jewelry, first place wins $500 worth!
    Before I put you all to sleep, lol, I just want to say I finally found a business I love and can honestly say I am proud to represent. If you have any questions please ask, whether as a customer or a potential business owner. I will respond to all questions, I promise.
    I am also asking you to please go visit my site, https://labellahme.kitsylane.com . All you have to do is enter your email address to enter the site and the layout is pretty easy from there. Take a look at the flash sale that changes weekly for deeper discounts and if you are going to spend $30 or more please ask me for a coupon code before you place your order. I only have 5 left so it will be first come first serve! Oh, shipping is FREE until 2013!
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