$4.2 million settlement for student paralyzed by bully

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    $4.2 million settlement for student paralyzed by bully

    On May 16, 2006, a bully punched Rosenstein so hard that he fell to his knees. Two days later, he screamed out at home.

    “We picked him up and called an ambulance,” his father told the newspaper. "He hasn't walked since."

    Rosenstein was paralyzed from the waist down due to a clot that had formed after the blow in a major artery above his abdomen. When the clot moved down to his spine, it burst, leaving him paralyzed. Complications resulting from his paralysis, such as scoliosis, led to 19 surgeries and a complete spinal fusion. He almost died several times, Youngman said.

    Sounds like the bully is going to be a future criminal or if not a criminal by now.
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