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    4 The Missing - A Community Guide to Sar
    The 4 THE MISSING COMMUNITY PLAN is designed to help bring together the missing person’s family, law enforcement and the community. This is a source of reference to help guide a community in coordinating a plan of action.

    This resource guide describes how to help the family and law enforcement (LE) in the first 24 hours, how to notify and keep the community informed and how to most effectively guide the community volunteers in searching for the missing person (MP) of your community in the days to come.
    While we always hope the experienced professional SAR teams will be called in within the first hour of a missing person case, sometimes this just isn't the case. When SAR teams are not called in or when there are not enough of them it falls on the community to step up and take action.
    This site and the material on it is designed to help a community run an effective and organized search.
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