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4 y.o. saves unconscious mom

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by hoppyfrog, Feb 7, 2008.

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    7 Feb 08

    Like any other 4-year-old, Collin Makepeace loves toy trains, planes, cars and watching "SpongeBob SquarePants."

    But it's his phone presence that has dispatchers, police and his family amazed and grateful after Collin called 911 while his mother lay sprawled on the floor, unconscious.

    "He's a very smart little cookie," said his mother, Karrie Makepeace, who nearly begins crying thinking about Collin's deed. "It just takes me aback."

    Makepeace believes she would have died from diabetes-related shock if her son, a Fairview Elementary preschooler, had not made the call. He turns 5 on Monday.

    The 911 dispatcher who answered the line can only marvel at Collin's composure, particularly when he had answered "trailer park" when she asked about his address.

    "During the whole call, I had chills," said Melissa Fellows, a 14-year dispatcher. "That little boy saved his mom's life."

    Rescuers arrived at the family's home in the Alpine Meadows mobile home park on the afternoon of Jan. 30 to find Makepeace, 28, unconscious with critically low blood-sugar that caused her to have a seizure. She spent three days in the hospital but since has recovered.

    The astonishing 911 phone conversation between the boy and dispatcher was released Wednesday by the Kent County Sheriff's Department. Fellows initially was not certain anyone was on the phone until she heard Collin's diminutive voice.

    "Can you bring the ambulance?" he asked. "Because my mom just had a heart attack."

    Fellows, who could see the Makepeace address on her computer screen, got Collin to confirm he lived on Berlitz Lane, then he followed her directions to place the phone next to his mother's mouth. Fellows could hear the woman's labored breathing.

    much more at link

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    Wow!! That kid is going to be a Doctor someday!! I am just equally as thankful the 911 operator actually did her job and didn't act like the one recently who went off on the child.

    He is a very amazing and brilliant kid!! His mom is very lucky to be alive and have such a special little man to thank for it! :)
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    This is a wonderful story!! I thought it was funny my son goes to a school called Fairview Elementary but not the same one.

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