48 hours - tracking the murders of I.Keys

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    FBI fears serial killer Israel Keyes murdered more women
    May 15 2020
    ''Now, the FBI is telling CBS’ 48 Hours that they believe Keyes could have murdered up to seven more people. Agents deduced Keyes’ kill tally from the drawings and interviews. The disturbed drawings were recovered months after Keyes died.

    “He drew a series of 11 skulls,” FBI Special Agent Jolene Goeden said. “And these were found underneath his bed in his jail cell.”

    Some of the macabre drawings by serial killer Israel Keyes. CBS 48 HOURS / CBS NEWS

    The 34-year-old murderer admitted abducting Samantha Koenig, 18, from an Anchorage, Alaska coffee stand where she worked. When he was caught Keyes admitted killing seven others around the U.S.''
    “He was very evasive at times during interviews, and he told us when we tried to pin him down on a number that it was less than 12,” Golden said, according to 48 Hours.

    “But then there were things that he would say that led us to believe that by ‘less than 12,’ he simply meant 11, and so he was quick to correct us in interviews if we had something wrong.”
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