5-Year Old Bringing 2000 toys to Katrina Victims

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    Neb. boy, 5, bringing 2,000 toys to Katrina victims

    OMAHA, Neb. - A Nebraska boy who sparked a citywide toy drive for Hurricane Katrina victims will travel to Texas next week to see his work bring a smile to other children's faces.

    Donations are helping K.J. Louis, a 5-year-old from Omaha, Neb., to fly to Houston to see 2,000 new toys handed out to children displaced by the storm.

    After seeing hurricane damage on television, Louis asked his mom, Sherri Louis, whether the children lost their toys. Yes, she said, and K.J. Louis responded by grabbing a bag and putting his own toys in it.

    His mother then organized a weeks-long toy drive.

    John Elftmann, a retired senior vice president of First Data Corp., was inspired by the compassionate K.J. Louis, and is donating his 35,000 frequent-flyer miles to the boy.

    "I figured if he's going to give his toys up, I can give up my frequent-flyer miles," Elftmann said.

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    What an inspiring story! His family must be very proud of him!!

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    thats sweet

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