83-year-old bowler strikes record

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    GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (AP) -- Fran Lasee is 83, but the numbers are on his side.

    Lasee threw 30 of a possible 36 strikes to become the oldest man in the United States to bowl an 800-plus series.

    He bowled an 834 in the Aurora BayCare Senior Classic at Willow Creek Lanes last week. Lasee, who turned 83 on December 18, bowled three games of 279, 290 and 265.

    According to the latest American Bowling Congress records, the left-handed bowler beat three 77-years-olds for the record.

    Lasee had a restless night after the games last week.

    "It was all the excitement. Something like that you have a hard time letting go so you can sleep," he said with a smile.

    But Lasee's used to high-scoring games. He bowled two other 800-plus series in 1984 and 1992.

    Story from CNN
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