900-pound man vows he'll dance weight off

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    Forget cutting carbs - Larry Cooper plans to slim his near-half-ton frame by cutting the rug.

    "I'm going to do it the way I used to do it, to the music," Cooper, 36, vowed yesterday from his bed at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, where rescue workers took him after he had trouble breathing Wednesday.

    The 900-pound man, a one-time break-dancing instructor from Washington Heights, said the scare convinced him to end a decade-long eating binge and shed the weight by dancing.

    "Everything wrong with me is because of my weight," he said, breathing heavily from an oxygen tube and unable to walk.

    The 6-foot-1 Cooper said he never minded being enormous - until it started to affect his health.

    "I always liked being big, even now," he said. "But it's bad for my health. I never saw a problem with it up to this point."

    Cooper, who also goes by the last name McConneghey, said his troubles began when he was shot in the leg in 1994 and could no longer dance.

    Already weighing as much as 400 pounds, he sought solace in the refrigerator, eating up to 10 meals a day. "I was overdosing," he said. "I would eat everything - a pound of bacon, a dozen eggs. I was basically killing myself and didn't know it," he said.

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