92 year old Granny strip-searched at Airport

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    THE GRANDSON of a 92-year-old woman says she was strip-searched at Pearson airport after returning from a winter in Florida on the same day a family with alleged terrorist links was allowed back into Canada with the federal government's help. "I was infuriated, I was absolutely infuriated," Marty Kann said yesterday.

    What infuriated me even more was this admitted terrorist family (the Khadrs) coming back into this country, and there are (customs officials) nailing this 92-year-old woman walking into the airport with canes."

    Kann, a plumber in Pickering, said he learned about his grandmother's Good Friday ordeal while he was at his father-in-law's house for Easter Sunday dinner.


    He said his grandparents are so distraught over their experience, they refuse to discuss it in detail. However, he knows this much: His grandmother, who uses two canes to walk, and his grandfather, who was outfitted with a prosthetic leg after suffering an injury while fighting in the Korean War, were returning to Toronto after spending the winter in Florida.

    While going through customs, authorities decided to do a thorough search of his grandmother, Kann said.


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