93 year old man, may be the only one at hs 75th High School reunion

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    There were about 190 members of the Fond du Lac High School graduating class of 1929, about 145 of whom attended their 35th anniversary class reunion.

    About 108 attended the 50th reunion, about 50 were present at the 60th and about 35 made it to the 65th anniversary reunion 10 years ago.

    There's a good chance Gene Noe will be the only member of the class at the 75th anniversary reunion, which the 93-year-old retired Fond du Lac assistant postmaster plans to hold at the end of this month.

    But the invitations haven't gone out.
    "If I can find somebody from back then, I'll send them," Gene says.

    Don't expect any faculty members from 1929 to be there. None of them showed up for the 65th, Gene says.

    Long ago, yes, but Gene remembers them as though it was only 20 years ago.

    "The principal was Henry Theisen, T-H-E-I-S-E-N," Gene says. "My French teacher was Miss Elms, E-L-M-S."

    "My chemistry teacher was . . . err, it'll come to me later."

    Gene does remember his band teacher, Joseph Schmitz.

    "He was the only band teacher at the high school and the junior high, too," Gene says of the guy who taught him how to play the clarinet, the guy who lead the Fond du Lac Military Band and who hired Gene to play with them "for two-bucks-and-a-half every Sunday."

    Gene played with the band from 1928 until 1971.

    "He was really a marvel," Gene says of his musical mentor.

    He remembers the prettiest teacher at school.

    "Miss Baker. There were three Baker girls that were teachers. They were sisters," Gene says. "They were all pretty, but the youngest one, oh, we really enjoyed her."

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