A Crime Against Humanity from the early 90's

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    Jasmina was a beautiful young Bosnian woman who played with her children "as if they were dolls..." Then the Serbs took over her village and she lost 39 family members in the subsequent purge.

    Please read her story:
    Meanwhile, authorities say Jasmina should return to her mother-in-law's rebuilt house in Bijeljina. But she says she will never go back to the place where she lost 39 members of her family and where her abuse began.
    It is a fear shared by other women, according to Alisa Muratcaus, the president of the Association of Concentration Camp Survivors -- Canton Sarajevo -- a group that offers classes and other support to Jasmina and 1,200 other women across the capital, including 150 victims of mass rape.
    "Many of our members must deal with the realities of return. Not all members are able psychologically to return to regions in which they suffered such extreme human rights abuses," she said.
    "No one raped women has returned to their pre-war houses, since it is immoral and inhuman to request their return while the war criminals who tortured them are still free and live in these regions."
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    My bil was over there during his military years. It was horrible.

    here's another article of the atrocities that happened over there-

    "Children had their throats slit before their mothers' eyes," said Fouad Riad, an Egyptian judge who prepared the indictment against Mladic and Karadzic. The scene, he said, was marked by "a frenzy of terror that led many to take their own lives."
    Just hours before the massacre, Mladic handed out candy to Muslim children rounded up at the town's square and consoled them that all would be fine — even patting one child on the head. That sinister image is forever imprinted in the minds of Srebrenica survivors.~

    Its so sad to me that it has taken this long for these war criminals to get charged.

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