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    Dear Websleuths Members,

    After much long and hard deliberation, a decision has been made to implement the following, effective Tuesday, April 7, at 12:01 AM Eastern:

    1. The "ad free" status will be removed from all Websleuths user accounts. If you paid for ad free at any time and would like a refund please email websleuthscomments@gmail.com

    2. Your posts per page will be re-set to 25. You can change your settings to allow for up to 100 posts per page. Click on your "Settings" tab in the upper right-hand corner of your page, then click on "General "Settings" and change your posts per page up to as high as 100.

    The WS staff would like to extend its appreciation for your patience and cooperation during this transition period. Please be assured that your concerns and suggestions were taken into consideration when reaching this decision. We hope that each of you will continue to enjoy your Websleuths membership, but if that is no longer an option for you, we understand and wish you well.

    Tricia Griffith
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