A free underutilized program for missing children

Discussion in 'Missing Archives' started by mysteriew, Nov 12, 2005.

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    A parent who has ever lost a child for even a moment knows of the fear and anxiety of the situation all while hoping someone or anyone can help find the lost one. A new program at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department allows everyone throughout the area to assist in locating a missing person when needed.

    The program, “A Child is Missing,” directs the phone system to automatically call residents in the area where the person was last seen. An automated voice on the phone describes the missing person and asks the residents to go outside and look around for the individual.

    Milbrath said he learned of the program at a national sheriff's conference and thought it would be a good tool that is free to the county. Milbrath said the program is funded through private corporations and federal and state grants.

    “Every year we come back from this conference and we just get fantastic ideas,” Milbrath said. “This program is not only going to be useful for missing children, but also for missing elders or Alzheimer's patients.”
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    I just reread about this program available. Thanks m-v.

    Would be excellent in cases when amber alert does not meet requirements....thinking of way too many recent cases.

    Does anyone know more about this??? Is it available everywhere or just in this Watertown WI area??

    What do people think about this??

    I think it could save such valuable time and resources and have so many more people involved in a short time period. Think of little Jared, Amber Harris, Jen K....and on and on and on.

    Comments, thoughts anyone.
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    The town I live in has a notification system for the school system...frequently used when school is cancelled, when there is a problem at one of the schools....I wonder how many towns have a system like this and whether it could be utilized by the police for missing children...

    There is also a site I found a long time ago:
    WHAT IS LOCATER (Lost Child Alert Technology Resource)

    LOCATER is an advanced, web-based computer program that provides law enforcement with the tools and technology needed to rapidly broadcast missing-child images and information. Through a Congressional mandate and U.S. Department of Justice grant, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is able to offer specific tools at no charge to any law-enforcement agency, whose responsibilities include investigating cases of missing or abducted children. The LOCATER Program is used in more than 4,500 law-enforcement agencies across the United States.

    Data shows that on average more than 2,000 children are reported missing everyday.2 Using LOCATER, agencies can quickly create their own missing-person posters. Once created, copies can be printed for distribution at roll calls, at incident command posts, and to the community. Posters can also be electronically transmitted to other agencies, the media, and the public via the Internet.

    Locater Posters

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