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    TORONTO -- A hapless hound was rescued from a trash compactor yesterday with the help of some vegetable oil and patient emergency crews. The unidentified, uncollared pooch -- pinned halfway inside the compactor -- was spotted by a worker at Belmont Meat Products Ltd. on Signet Dr., said Don Mitton, a supervisor for Toronto Animal Services.

    Mitton, who named the canine Dog Doe, said the plant was closed for about a week during the holidays and the dog was found when employees arrived back at work yesterday.

    "We're not sure how long the dog was there," Mitton said.

    Firefighters, police and animal control workers arrived around 9 a.m. Firefighters planned to use the Jaws of Life to free it but the metal on the bin was too thick, Mitton said.

    Then they decided to try another strategy. "They lubricated all over very well with vegetable oil," he said.

    The dog was then able to slip out.

    Dog Doe, which appears to be a German shepherd, was taken to Etobicoke Veterinary Hospital and given a bit of food and plenty of water, said veterinarian Dr. Rick Zbarsky.

    Full Story from CNEWS

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