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Discussion in 'Tawni Lee Mazzone (formerly Maricopa Jane Doe)' started by Tawnimazzonesfamily, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. Tawnimazzonesfamily

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    Good morning, my name is Kelly. I am Tawni's Mazzone's step Sister.
    I am looking to thank a few people again especially those who kept
    Her case open for 9 years while she was Masicopa Jane doe.
    Her 31st birthday just passed however she is forever 16.
    We think of websleuths often and appreciate everything.
    I wanted to let others know that their is hope
    In finding loved ones, even though Tawni's discovery
    Case ended sadly she was found and we exhumed her
    Ashes from a numbered burial ground and was able to
    Have closure.
    I'm looking for people that helped cubbie? Bear something, a dancer
    In another SN name Diane keeps popping in my mind.
    I saved a file but not their screen names and I want to
    Thank them again for their help and vigilance on not
    Giving up in my Sister.

    Kelly Ross
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  3. Fairy1

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    Hi Kelly,

    So nice to hear from the family. I think of Tawni often and so wish there had been a happy ending for her. Hard to believe she would have been 31 on her birthday this year.

    I hope your family has been able to heal and find some measure of peace. I know I will never forget your sister.

    Take care.
  4. Cubby

    Cubby fly the W!

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    I'm just seeing this thread now. Kelly, I think you might have been asking about myself, and two other posters believe09 and Christine2448.

    Thank you for coming here and posting about Tawny. She will always have a special place in my heart, as her case was one in which I was still getting my feet wet and learning the ropes here at WS from two of my mentors here, believe' and Christine.

    I am glad WS was able to help find some closure for your family. :rose: :hug:
  5. sloane7777

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    This broke my heart , when I first saw the photo, I was amazed that they didnt put 2 and 2 together, such a beautiful girl :( my condolences, I still cannot believe we all waited so long to find the truth .
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