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    I was thinking of writing a novel or some type of suspense / “who done it” type of compelling story. Assume in the following that a father has been responsible for abuse and is active on the night in question:

    The father in the story stays awake for a bit and helps his son to put together a toy. The mother feeds the son some pineapple as a snack and puts him to bed (this explains why fingerprints for the mother and son were found on the bowl and spoon which happens to be relevant a bit later in the story). The father conveniently mentions that he took some type of sleeping aide to make certain that he sleeps deeply throughout the night. The mother finishes some activities such as light packing and goes to bed placing her garments that she wore that day either in the bedroom or in her changing room and falls deeply asleep as she had been drinking some alcohol earlier in the evening.

    Perhaps the victim woke up and went to the bathroom or downstairs for a snack and the father heard some activity or something was initiated by the father. The father proceeded to take the victim to the basement for some type of activity. It is unclear if any drugging was involved (perhaps given with the pineapple… this would need to be verified by the lab results) or something otherwise that would make this some type of acceptable occurrence to the victim but she went to the basement either willingly or unknowingly after eating the pineapple and the story will be written utilizing some type of drug.

    During the episode, either the drug wore off, or the victim became alert, frightened, and let out a scream that was described to have been heard by neighbors. A startled father strikes the victim in the head with a golf club or bat to silence her (not a planned action, but done out of fear of being caught). It is not fully described in the story whether rope / duct tape would have been part of this or something that was added to stage a crime scene afterwards.

    The victim is alive but no longer conscious meaning that the father cannot take her to the ER or anywhere else and knows he has to do something to explain what happened. What if, at this point, the father decided to frame the mother and proceeded to get her jacket that she wore, the rope, duct tape, etc. and made certain that her fibers were part of the scene. The father writes a ransom note and places the victim’s body staged with the mother’s evidence into an attaché (suitcase) that he would plan to take to the bank with the guise of using it to hold the funds for the ransom, and of course, dispose of the body. The father has now ensured that he will be the focal point for all subsequent movements to and from the house and is in full control of the situation.

    In essence, the father would, without suspicion) use the attaché as a way to get the body of the victim out of the house with evidence on the body still pointing to the mother (if the body is ever found). The father’s plan was to dump the body but a 9-1-1 call by the mother the next morning prevented this from being carried out. During the 9-1-1 call, the mother is heard uttering “we need them hon” which could be her directly going against the wishes of the father in placing the call. The mother knows nothing about the activities of the night before, calls 9-1-1, and the police arrive making the disposal of the body no longer possible. Later that morning, the father disappears for a bit and takes the body out of the attaché (suitcase) and re-stages it in the basement knowing that it now would be found and the crime scene still had evidence pointing at the mother. A flashback to the crime area shows that a family friend had scanned the area prior but did not notice the body that is there in the new crime scene.

    All of the remnants of the staging material was concealed by the father in a golf club bag (gloves, rope, duct tape roll, robes, etc.) which is why it becomes important to get that out of the house. A planned trip to, say Atlanta, would be a way to distance him from the scene, dispose of the accessories, while the mother becomes the primary target due to the evidence. Any collateral scratches, DNA, etc. could be washed away without any type of testing. Please also remember that the father said that he took that sleeping pill so, if the mother awoke and actually had been the offender, he surely would not have been aware and could not be linked to the activity.

    In summary, the mother knew nothing about the crime but was being setup to be the guilty party. All the while, she was not aware of what had happened and was not acting at all. A cryptic ransom note was written by the father to look as though the mother wrote it (style / wording / letters / abbreviations). The father insisted that the son be removed from consideration (and he was not part of any of it) leaving all of the evidence pointing at the mother. If they were indicted, he could then claim ignorance and let the evidence point / convict the mother… that would be one heck of a novel, wouldn’t it?

    As a twist, what if it was even a bit more sinister? Perhaps there was one or more person(s) involved, “outsider(s)” who was/were let in through a basement window, etc. who had been part of some type of robed ceremony. They were dressed so that they were not recognized and involved picture taking, recordings, etc. Perhaps this happened multiple times without the victim being fully alert. The outlandish claims made by the victim who vaguely recalled the activities in instances prior to this would be viewed as imaginative although they were, in fact, real.

    The ending would read: Victory is mine!
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