A retired teacher's courageous crusade: Tackling neo-Nazi hate

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    BERLIN – Irmela Mensah-Schramm has embarked on her very personal "combat mission" almost daily for 26 years. Her weapons? A scraper, nail-polish remover, a camera and lots of courage.

    Come rain, heatwaves or stormy weather, the 66-year-old sets out to battle what she calls "extremely disturbing" neo-Nazi and racist graffiti, stickers and posters that blight the streets of Germany's capital.

    The retired special-needs teacher has now removed more than 90,000 stickers and scribblings.

    "One morning, I saw a banned Nazi symbol well visible on a lamp post and was appalled that people in my neighborhood ignored it day in and day out, without removing this trash," Mensah-Schramm recalls.

    "Only a short while later, I witnessed an incident in which my Indian brother-in-law became the victim of racist bashing. This shocked me so much that I decided to act."

    She documents much of the offensive material in photographs and has compiled a scrapbook, which she always carries with her. Mensah-Schramm calls her project "Hate Destroys".

    "For many years, I have been displaying my pictures in exhibits across the country," Mensah-Schramm says. "I talk about my experiences in schools and I regularly host workshops with children and students, generating awareness for the bad impact of these ugly racist messages."

    "I have been threatened many times by neo-Nazis, who have seen me remove their works,” she says. “And once, I came across big letters written on a wall that read: 'Schramm, we will get you'.

    More with pics and video at link....

    What a gutsy lady...she has my admiration!
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    This woman is brave and admirable.

    It's hard to believe that history is trying to repeat itself in Germany with some people giving credence to naziism. After WWII, Germans were ashamed that they let Hitler do what he did. How could anyone forget about this horrible chapter in the world's history? I just hope the new nazis are very few.

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