PA Aaron Lamar Turner (16) - Coatesville PA, 2008

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    Aaron Lamar Turner

    Endangered Missing

    Missing From: Coatesville, Pennsylvania

    Missing Since: October 30, 2008

    Age: 16 -- Height: 5'10" -- Weight: 220 lbs -- Hair Color: Black -- Eye Color: Brown

    Aaron's nickname is Head. He has the letter A tattooed on one hand, and the letter T tattooed on the other hand.

    Aaron was last seen in Coatesville, Pennsylvania at about 3:00 pm on October 30, 2008. He left his home to walk to his community service assignment and was never seen again. At first, his disappearance was treated as a runaway. But authorities no longer believe he left of his own accord.

    One of Aaron's neighbors' homes was searched after he disappeared. During the search, they found firearms, drugs, a trash bag containing the dismembered corpse of a dog, trash bags with bloody clothing, and two bloodstained chainsaws that smelled like human remains. DNA testing on the items confirmed that the blood was Aaron's. The neighbor's cousin said that the neighbor had forced Aaron to walk to his basement at gunpoint, then shot him to death. They dismembered his remains and put them on the curb for collection.

    Aaron's body has never been found. Foul play is suspected due to the circumstances involved.

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