Abused quadrupel amputee South Korean dog finds new happy life in America

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    A South Korean dog which lost its legs after being discarded in a rubbish bag and bound in rope could be crowned America's most heroic dog.

    Chi Chi, a four-year-old golden retriever, became a quadruple amputee after she was rescued in January 2016 as vets were unable to save the rotting flesh on her legs.

    The retriever's legs were bound in rope when she was discovered in a trash can, five hours away from Seoul, South Korea.

    She was transferred to the capital, where vets had no choice but to amputate all four limbs before US charity Rescue and Freedom Project took responsibility for her care.

    Quadruple amputee dog saved from South Korea could become America's most heroic canine | Daily Mail Online

    Thank you Mr and Mrs Howell for rescuing Chi Chi and giving her a loving home. Thank you also to the Rescue and Freedom Project for giving Chi Chi the opportunity to find love and happiness.

    chi chi 1.jpg chi chi 3.jpg chi chi 2.jpg
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    Beautiful dog. Goldens are such great dogs. Hope she has a long and happy life here.
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    she looks like a golden dashhund now. so cute! I'm glad she is still able to get around with the prosthetics. horrible what she went through, but she looks happy now.
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