Active Search for Serial Kidnapper - Pike Creek, Delaware

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    There is a serial kidnapper still on the run in the community of Pike Creek in Newark, Delaware, New Castle County. The New Castle County Police said a third kidnapping attempt took place on Monday evening, March 6 in Newark, Delaware. The attempt was unsuccessful because the victim had prepared in advance. In the other two instances: perp had gun, stalked women walking their dogs after work, forced his victims in their apartment, assaulted and burglarized, and forced victim to take money our of their ATM. Police have bank images but perp's face is hidden.

    The perp wears a mask so the only confirmed characteristic at this point is a very strong accent.

    There is an up to 20K reward for information leading to an arrest in this active investigation.

    More info is available online by googling kidnapper pike creek delaware and or New Castle County police or Delaware News Journal.
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