Actor David Carradine faces allegations of incest

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    Star accused of incest
    June 14, 2004

    KILL BILL star David Carradine, who shot to fame in 1970s TV series Kung Fu, is embroiled in a bitter court battle over property with his fourth wife, who claims he once begged her to become pregnant by both his brother and his son.

    Carradine is accused by his angry ex-wife Coco d'Este of being an "off-the-wall alcoholic" who had an incestuous relationship with a close relative.

    She told the UK's Mail on Sunday: "David went to his brother and then to his son because he wanted to have a child with me and needed a sperm donor. I vetoed the idea - having a son father his own sibling was a little too off-the-wall for me."

    Carradine, 67, has also had a long and public battle with drugs and alcohol, his drinking earning him the moniker "glasshopper".

    His career nosedived, but was resurrected by cult director Quentin Tarantino when he starred in the two Kill Bill movies, earning him £2 million ($5.25m). In a sworn statement submitted to Los Angeles Supreme Court d'Este accused him of "abhorrent deviant sexual behaviour" and said: "The incestuous relationship permeated our whole marriage".,4057,9833095%255E13780,00.html
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