Actor Jason Patric seeks son, despite judicial "sperm donor only" decision

Discussion in 'Celebrity and Entertainment News' started by AlwaysShocked, Aug 13, 2013.

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    I don't even know that I fully understand the reasoning behind the court's decision in this, but apparently it has to do with Mr. Patric and his ex-girlfriend using in vitrio fertilization to conceive a child together.

    They were in a relationship at the time. Apparently there were documents regarding parenting signed. Yet, due to the wording of California laws, this man is legally considered to be a "sperm donor" with no rights to parenthood of his own child.

    This is a terrible thing for both him and his child. I hope he gets lots of publicity and gets the law changed so he can see the little fella. And what's wrong with the child's mother that she would not voluntarily allow a child to see his father?
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    These things get ugly.

    Basically, it sounds like he did something he regrets, signing legal papers to revoke his rights as bio dad, now he wants it reversed.

    I can only think that it's a good thing for the child to see his dad - but maybe the child believes another man is his father.

    There's more to this story :moo:

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