Ad Or Art? Floral Mosaic Along I-280 Raises Questions

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    Posted: 11:01 pm PDT March 24,2010Updated: 12:34 am PDT March 25,2010
    SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The motorists driving by at high speeds might not even notice it, but an unusual 53-by-26 foot mosaic of green, orange and blue flowers on a hill of the northbound side of Interstate 280 in San Jose[​IMG] is actually a commissioned piece of growing art paid for by a car company.Myra Iese of San Jose said at first she thought it was a table with some kind of glass flower display.But then she took a closer look and came to a realization. "It looks like a vehicle," said Iese. "A car."In fact, it is a depiction of a car crossing a blue bridge. Automaker Toyota paid for the roadside design, one of nine different beautification projects financed by the company in the state.Nate Herrell of San Jose thought the display showed a Prius. "So once it gets going, I guess that project will keep on accelerating," joked Herrell. more at link:
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