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Air force wife pays for firemen's groceries

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by BetteDavisEyes, May 30, 2014.

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    Firefighters' groceries paid for by grateful Air Force wife

    Firefighters had to leave store for emergency

    Author: Ken Haddad, Social Media Producer, @KenHLocal4, KHaddad@wdiv.com

    Vacaville, Calif. -
    This story may restore your faith in humanity.

    Firefighters in Vacaville, Calif., were grabbing some groceries at a local Costco over Memorial Day Weekend when they had to leave the store on an emergency call.

    They couldn't get to the cashier in time, so they left the groceries behind. When they returned, they found their goods waiting for them, they also found a receipt: Someone had paid their $123 bill...

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    man I could have done that yesterday when a paramedic left the store for an emergency call & left a basket of stuff at the cash but it didn't even occur to me

    I'll remember this story in the future

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