AK - More Native girls ensnared in sex trafficking

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    The pimps and traffickers are nothing but ready predators. There is not a single young man or woman who is not vulnerable at some point in their young lives. The pimps wait and then pounce. My heart goes out to the girls and their families. And Native teens also have a higher rate of fetal alcohol exposure which makes them even more vulnerable. We have got to develop programs and services to extract the victims from this lifestyle of slavery and assist them in their healing!!


    More Alaska Native girls ensnared in sex trafficking

    Sex-crimes investigators say they're seeing more rural Alaska Native girls and women who leave their families and village for Anchorage, only to be lured into prostitution by pimps and the promise of security.

    The sex-traffickers see young Native runaways as especially easy prey, said investigators. They're adrift in the big city, separated from a support network, and seeking money and attention....."

    more at link
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