AK AK - Richard Kristovich, 37, Dillingham, 29 Jan 1989

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    Missing Person / NamUs #MP60768Richard Nicholas Kristovich, Male, American Indian / Alaska Native
    Date of Last ContactJanuary 29, 1989
    Missing FromDillingham, Alaska

    Case Information

    Missing Age37 Years
    Current Age69 Years
    First Name Richard
    Middle NameNicholas
    Last NameKristovich
    Nickname/AliasRick Kristovich

    Height5' 11" (71 Inches)
    Weight190 lbs
    Race / EthnicityAmerican Indian / Alaska Native
    Tribe Enrollment / AffiliationUnknown

    Date of Last ContactJanuary 29, 1989
    NamUs Case CreatedOctober 9, 2019
    Last Known Location Map
    LocationDillingham, Alaska
    CountyDillingham Census Area
    Missing From Tribal LandNo
    Primary Residence on Tribal LandNo
    Circumstances of DisappearanceAboard fishing vessel "Vestfjord" that sank about 30 miles south of the Trinity Islands just west of Kodiak Island with 6 crew members. Two crew members were located deceased. Also missing are Richard Legary MP66948, Daniel McDonald MP66777, and Kevin Melnick MP67269.
    Physical Description
    Hair ColorBlack
    Head Hair Description--
    Body Hair Description--
    Facial Hair Description--
    Left Eye ColorBrown
    Right Eye ColorBrown
    Eye Description--
    Distinctive Physical Features
    Tattoo of sailing ship on left upper arm with name "Anna" included

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)

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    Here is more on the sinking
    The 98 foot steel crab fishing vessel Vestfjord sent out a mayday heavily iced approx. 30 miles south of the Trinity Islands southwest of Kodiak Island. She was never heard from again. Lost were skipper Dick LaGary (40) of Port Angeles, Kevin Melnick (28), Ricky Kristovich (37), Doug Harding (35) of Seattle, Bill Hodgins (33) of Anchorage and passenger Danny McDonald.
    and another detailing the vessel

    VESTFJORD (1989) The 97 foot crab fishing vessel Vestfjord was lost with all hands January 29, 1989 approximately 30 miles south of the Trinity Islands. The Vestfjord was travelling from Seattle to Dutch Harbor when she encountered a storm with winds to 60 knots and seas to 30 feet. She was able to get out a MAYDAY and communicate that severe icing was sinking the vessel. The six persons lost with the Vestfjord were skipper Dick LaGary (40) of Port Angeles WA, crewmen Kevin Melnick (28), Ricky Kristovich (37), Doug Harding (35) of Seattle, Bill Hodgins (33) of Kodiak and passenger Danny McDonald
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