Identified! AL - Blk Male, Alabama River, Montgomery County, 8 July 1997, two tattoos - n/a


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May 28, 2017
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He is not in Namus, but is on doe network and is in the NCIC database.

The Doe Network: Case File 226UMAL


Found in the Alabama River in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama on July 8, 1997.
Circumstances: Unknown
State of Remains: Advanced Decomposition
DNA: Unknown
Dentals: Available, Natural teeth with good dental hygiene.
Fingerprints: Available
Estimated Age: Unknown
Height & Weight: 6'0½, 132 lbs
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Distinctive body characteristics: 6-8 inch surgical scar on the left knee that was well healed.
Tattoos: A tattoo of a heart and the word "Prince" was on the left chest. A tattoo of a dagger and the initials "J. K." was on the left arm.

Clothing: Tan cut-off trousers.
Other: Dark cord with a silver colored shield around the neck. Rubber cord with a small metal ring was around his right ankle

* Even though on doe network there are no circumstances shown, which is weird, easily I believe that the cause of death was strangulation and he was tortured (due to what was found on his body). Doe network really needs to update this man's case profile, including the eye color and hair color too and Namus needs to add him.
*Another note I have is to the small metal ring on the cord that was around his ankle. I wonder if LE analyzed the metal ring to determine what kind of ring it was.

I wonder if the dark colored cord with the shield could be a necklace similar to this one. I was also thinking that the rubber cord around the ankle could possibly be an ankle bracelet. I'm thinking back to when we were kids in the 90's it was popular to make bracelets and keychains out of that rubber cord type stuff I can't remember the name of it now though.
Ohh ok so to move a forum you click report at the bottom of someone's post??

If you click on "report" on a post, a little message block comes up where you can type in a comment that the admin will get. I just commented in the report that this gent was now identified.
Ah ok, thanks for the info! I've struggled always with how to do that on here lols.

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